10th Empowerment: Ekwunife Exceeding Many Expectations


By Linus Chukwuma

Senator Uche Ekwunife Centre has become very popular as an empowerment ground. Almost every weekend, empowerment programmes are held at the centre which is strategically located in the capital city, making it easier for Ndi Anambra to appreciate the plethora of these programmes of Senator Ekwunife. Albeit, It is not true to say that the Senator began her series of empowerment in the 9th assembly. She does it as a lifestyle.

The latter narrative has found hefty traction in the minds of people who have religiously followed the political trajectory of Ekwunife.— Empowerment is to her what football is to Messi.

The most stirring passage about the woman known as Mother Theresa of our time is her adherence to the rule that public service is a privileged position meant to create a well-functioning society, not siphoning limited public resources.

Until over the weekend, I erroneously kept thinking that all the empowerment programmes from lawmakers were courtesy of special intervention. On Saturday was a day when excitement was in large supply, the Igbo-Ukwu born Senator had corrected my impression when circa 326 women from across the wards in the state were empowered with cash grants, gas cookers and gas cylinders.

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It was a fitting way to practicalize the phrase, “empowerment of women is the empowerment of the society”, the Senator in what was her 10th empowerment focused on improving the well-being of women whom while fielding questions from the press said that her agenda was to lift many to become working housewives. An economic upliftment on a grand scale.

It is not exaggerating to say that Ekwunife’s political ideology and vim had always made her candidature the toughest to contest against in elections. The electorate keep choosing Ekwunife above the rest. For always empowering and investing positively on human capital development says a lot on which side of history book she belongs to.

Her mesmerising dominance ahead of the gubernatorial election reminds me of an audio tape I listened to last week. “Nobody can be used to compare with Iyom amongst others who have declared interest to contest for governor”, says the speaker. Of course, Ekwunife has tirelessly been on the front for the betterment of the society and when comparison of any sort would be done, she will sure be remembered as the best Senator to have represented Anambra Central.

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In truth, much was expected from the Chairman Senate Committee on Science and Technology upon her inauguration into the 9th Assembly and indeed she has exceeded many expectations and showing no signs of fatigue in representation. I am very sure that Ndi Anambra will support Iyom to become the next governor so as to bring back the glory days we enjoyed under HE Peter Obi.

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