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2023 and the Obduracy of Pocket of Nigerians: What Really do they Want for Nigeria?



Until the recent upsurge and enthusiasm that characterise the Nigerian political atmosphere, it has been massive political apathy, especially among the youths and the middle age. They hitherto see the entire electoral process as a simple deceit, a mere quadrennial ritual or exercise that simply selects and rotates same class of selfish and uncaring leaders. So, with the entry of HE Peter Obi into the race, apathy disappeared; and now the electorate, greater percentage of whom are the youths are, in unison, hearkening to the message of hope from the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, to take back their country. Thus, in one voice of firm tone, they resound ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

However, some insignificant and conscienceless group of youths and others allowed themselves as decoys in the hands of this class of selfish politicians that use them to negotiate their greed and larceny. They accept, for some very paltry sum, to be used by these old order politicians and successive governments, as instruments of destruction and retrogression of our dear country, Nigeria. And one would dare to ask: what really do these obstinate, insensitive and unpatriotic Nigerians wish for Nigeria? What do they want for their children?


But the good news is simple. The messages of the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, HE Peter Obi resonate with the greater percentage of the voting population. We now have a very credible and or dependable option in Mr Peter Obi, through whom we have resolved ‘to take back our country’; through whom we intend to recover our country ‘from consumption economy to production economy’; through whom we will insist on ‘saving money, rather than sharing money’. And the man we fondly call Okwute, with the full knowledge that ‘democracy is sovereignty of the masses’ corroborates thus: ‘I and Datti are not running for president. You are running for president through us’.

Political apathy, to reiterate, is now a thing of the past. The era of forcing many discontented electorate, who are resolute to exercise their franchise, to make unwilling choice of choosing from two obviously unpopular candidates during presidential elections is equally gone, given the emergence of HE Peter Obi. Disillusionment with the electoral process is, as well, gone. Rather, massive political participation, or what might be described as political animation, stood in its stead. The recent announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission, August 1st 2022, of a whopping 12, 298, 944 new Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs registrants is another glaring testament to the Peter-Obi-induced enthusiasm. Or, what do you think?

HE Peter Obi, by my humble reckoning, is the answer to the prayers for Nigeria IN DISTRESS being said by many God’s people across Nigeria and by Nigerians in the diaspora. Nigerians who hitherto have lost hope and confidence in this entity called Nigeria now have them. With his messages of hope, the citizens have affirmed that, truly, the quality of the input reflects in the output. Or, as Nwakibie in Things Fall Apart puts it, ‘You can tell a ripe corn by its look’. And I dare to ask again, for the umpteenth time, albeit differently, what can be better than what we already have in Obi-Datti?



Henry writes for PO Express Media, POEM.

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