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2023: Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah Reveals How Peter Obi’s Street Rallies Would Set Other Parties In Wild Panic



The INEC would close the continuous voter registration drive at the end of this month, after which the overall number of registered voters for the coming general elections would be determined.

Then, by September, the INEC will officially flag off the electoral campaigns, sending the entire space into a frenzy. Political parties would compete to outdo one another in arranging political rallies to raise voter awareness. By that time, many support organizations would have merged to work in tandem.


From the testing of the microphones by the various political parties so far, then it is certain this is how the electoral campaigns would play.

The issue of no structure, as well as the recent remark by Atiku Abubarkar claiming over 90 per cent of Northerners, have no internet awareness and hence will not vote based on its effect, has further heightened the political situation.

The constant rhetoric of no structure enrages the youths and GINGERS them to come out of their shells, and it is actually becoming counter-productive because the youths this time around have sworn to demonstrate that they are the physical structure the world talks about.


You see how the Muslim-Muslim ticket persuades a certain group of people to affirm that, in fact, this is why we should have the APC ticket? In a similar vein, the no-structure argument persuades young people to affirm that, in fact, let us see who is the structure, the PARTY or the PEOPLE?

Political parties are vying for nearly 90 million votes this time around , and you think the measly 30 million votes that all political parties have struggled to acquire in the past are significant?

The APC and PDP must wake up to the harsh fact that these are the new breed of people who are tenacious and eager to face difficulties. Have you observed that people between the ages of 20 and 25 are simply stubborn in relationships? The females are not like the previous generations, who simply give in when they are hurt; in turn, they hardly ever recognize their flaws, let alone apologize to their partner.


The trend is changing; technology is bringing out and establishing the best in these folks. With almost 60 million VIRIGIN votes at stake, you can’t keep running old-school campaigns and expect to win this battle.

Let me give you an illustration. While Yoruba actors and old school musicians are supporting the APC, social media influencers are driving insane amounts of traffic by supporting Peter Obi and still generating money to themselves. Making it a win-win situation.

They are insanely creative, and people are drawn to them more than the traditional celebrities. It’s dubbed “street ti takeover,” Tik Tok is on fire, and you’re asking “what again?”


Ask these old-school activists who believe social media campaigns are pointless if they can spend a day without checking their social media accounts, especially WhatsApp?

Nigerians are more conscious and seeking outlets for their rage; any further disrespect to their character will only make matters worse.
You watched what happened when these youths in Osun State rejoiced on video after collecting 10 k each and yet voted for their preferred candidate; they even flashed the money for everyone to see.

The PVC awareness carried out by these youths have shown clearly that this time around they are ready for the game ahead, each day they troop out enmasse on the streets to throw their support for the PVC registration. They have mobilized within themselves and turned it to a street show that is worthy of fun to participate in.


The people can never be bullied into remaining in their cocoons , they have decided to be active participants in the electoral process, these Obidient people are eager to present the structure to the public in its PHYSICAL shape.

Their biggest motivation is the hunger on the streets, the awful and deplorable state of our roads, which are death traps, the high number of out-of-school children who are growing up to become gangsters and bandits in the near future amidst so many abnormalities that currently appear to be normal.

Once INEC blows the whistle in September to kick off the political campaigns, these youths will be unleashed in unprecedented street rallies, eventually taking over the entire space, and Nigerians would be confused as to whether it is a political rally, protest, or carnival.


I worry that other political parties won’t be able to maintain the momentum that these coordinated rallies, which naturally gathers support from the grassroots, will take on.

The challenge on Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp would be so loud that other parties would tread carefully when holding their rallies. The world would witness a seismic shift in electoral campaigns.

Indeed interesting times lies ahead.


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