A passionate plea to US’ Joe Biden

By Manuel Oyeoka (Moyeoka)

As a country, our critical economic interest which is crude oil has continued to be bastardized and plundered by supposedly civilized nations of the world thereby undermining the sovereignty of our nation.

As the world have continued to commend and appreciate US for championing the course of freedom, human rights and democracy – a course which has continued to make the world a better place with immense returns of divine blessings to US.

We therefore plead with President Joe Biden to intervene in ending the corruption perpetrating against Nigeria by some unscrupulous nations.

Nigeria can do better in making the world a better place if integrated in the mainstream of world affairs in line with other civilized climes by ending the age-long economic siege on our nation!

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Manuel Oyeoka also known as Moyeoka is the founder Take The Bull BY The Horns.

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