A Plea to Big Brother Nigeria Fans to Rally Behind Ilebaye

In a heartfelt open letter, Comr. Ofe Nene extends condolences to the late Mohbad’s family and advocates for justice. Mohbad’s tragic and unjust murder has raised concerns, as he had reportedly sought help from the police prior to his untimely demise.

While mourning Mohbad’s loss, Comr. Ofe Nene shifts the focus to the ongoing Big Brother Nigeria reality show, urging fans to support Ilebaye, affectionately known as “small pepe.” The appeal for Ilebaye’s support is based on her demonstrated intelligence, responsibility, and exceptional organization skills.

Comr. Ofe Nene highlights a specific instance in the house – a quiz competition – where Ilebaye showcased her intelligence by correctly answering questions. This stands in contrast to some other contestants who appeared less knowledgeable. Comr. Ofe Nene emphasizes the importance of rewarding intelligence and discouraging ignorance.

Comr. Ofe Nene then goes on to read his letter aloud:

First of all, let me pay my deep condolences to the families of late Mohbad and all lovers of justice that are sympathetic to the plight of Mohbad over his unjust murder.

He saw it coming and informed the police, but they were nonchalant over his plea as enshrined in his petition to them.

As we mourn Mohbad, we shouldn’t be forgetful of the ongoing Big Brother Nigeria reality show, hence I urge you all to support Ilebaye, popularly called small pepe.

My call for support to Ilebaye is the fact that she is intelligent, responsible, and very collected and organized at all times.

If you take, for example, the quiz competition in the house, she was the only one that was intelligent enough to get the questions right.

The same quiz that the other contestants showed how empty-headed and dull they are. Else, how can we explain that a lawyer doesn’t know that it’s the legislative arm of Government that makes law? Someone amongst them doesn’t even know what CAC or a triangle with equal sides are.

It will be a great embarrassment and disservice to intelligence if anyone other than Ilebaye wins this edition.

Based on the foregoing, I urge all right-thinking fans of the reality program to vote for Ilabaye to win the prize money for the program.

Many Thanks..

Comr. Ofe Nene

In conclusion, Comr. Ofe Nene calls upon all conscientious fans of the reality program to cast their votes in favor of Ilebaye, believing that her victory would be a testament to intelligence and merit.

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