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Abagana Youth Leadership Aspirant: Umeadi Unveils Vision for Progress and Unity

In a bid to usher in a new era of progress and unity, Ozo Uchenna Umeadi Justin, a proud son of Abagana, has stepped forward to offer his leadership for the esteemed Abagana Youth. With a heartfelt commitment to the betterment of our beloved community, Umeadi presents a comprehensive manifesto outlining his vision and strategies for the advancement of Abagana.

Key Points of the Manifesto:

1. Unity as a Cohesive Foundation: Umeadi emphasises the importance of unity, declaring it as the cornerstone of their agenda. He pledges to foster a sense of togetherness among the Abagana community to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable feats.

2. Total Peace and Functioning Youth Structure: Recognising the significance of peace and youth empowerment, Justin vows to ensure total peace within the community and establish a robust youth structure at every level. He aims to empower the youth to become catalysts for positive transformation.

3. Accountability and Transparency: Uchenna Umeadi emphasises the importance of accountability and transparency in governance. He promises to uphold the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and fairness in all endeavours, ensuring the trust placed in him by the community is never compromised.

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4. Youth Empowerment and Diaspora Engagement: Leveraging the strength of the diaspora, Uchenna Umeadi intends to bring about youth empowerment and community development.

5. Security and Zero Tolerance to Crime: Umeadi places a premium on the security of Abagana and pledges to work closely with security authorities and the youth to ensure foolproof security in the town, with a zero-tolerance policy towards crime and criminality.

6. Routine Town Hall Meetings: To promote communication and collective decision-making, Umeadi plans to convene regular town hall meetings to solicit input from the community and chart a course forward based on their aspirations and needs.

7. Open-Door Policy with Firm Decision-Making: While maintaining an open-door policy for engagement, Umeadi asserts his readiness to make tough decisions when necessary, with a firm commitment to the common good.

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8. Healthcare Services and Conflict Resolution: Umeadi prioritises access to quality healthcare and pledges to enhance healthcare services within the town. Additionally, he promises to establish effective mechanisms for conflict resolution to maintain peace and address grievances.

9. Unwavering Allegiance to Government and Collaboration with Authorities: Umeadi pledges allegiance to the government and commits to active participation in the development process. He promises steadfast representation at the ASATU level and collaboration with the Mother Union AWU and Igwe in council for the good of Abagana.

In conclusion, Uchenna Umeadi calls upon the Abagana community to embark on this journey together, with unity as their guiding principle and progress as their destination. He expresses gratitude for the attention and support of the community as he vies for the position of Abagana Youth Chairman.

Ozo Uchenna Umeadi Justin (Anabaluagumba na Abagana)
For Abagana Youth Chairman

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