Wednesday, July 6, 2022

About Daily News Reporters

COMPANY OVERVIEW Daily News Reporters is one of the most popular online News portals of Southeast Nigeria updating 24/7 with breaking, political, business, entertainment, sports, lifestyle and crime news.

OUR MISSION Our Mission is to produce an excellent general interest information anchored on an unbiased opinion, Truth and Justice, serving as a voice to the voiceless and reaching all the neglected parts of the country, covering the small and the big issues of the day; web-blog which focuses on news with a human face, news that affects the ordinary Nigerians, capturing their challenges and their pains, as well as their triumphs and their joys.

OUR VISION Our vision is to be the best web-blog in Nigeria and one of the best in Africa; operating as a viable business and serving the best interests of the citizens as the watchdog of the society and defender of the country’s young democracy.

Meet the team

Okonkwo Samuel (SINCOPEDIA)


Okonkwo Samuel (aka SINCOPEDIA) is an Edu-Techie, Website and App Developer, Blogger and Paint Maker.. His interests range from Politics, ICT, content development and social activism.

Ndubuisi Precious Umebei


Ndubuisi Precious Umebei is a Writer, Web Developer, Journalist, Public Relations Strategist, Political Analyst and Administrator. He enjoys focusing on topics of Sustainable Development And Leadership. He has an incorruptible passion for Youth Development, Good Governance And Nation Building.

Odum Chisom


An Education English graduate, proficient in two languages, Affiliate marketer and teacher