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Actress Stella Damasus Reveals Marriage Ended Through YouTube; Ex-Husband Daniel Ademinokan Allegedly Remarries

Actress Stella Damasus recently disclosed that her third marriage to movie producer Daniel Ademinokan had ended, and surprisingly, she learned about it through a video on YouTube. Reports suggest that Ademinokan has remarried another lady.

The news of their split came as a surprise to many, as they were once known for their public displays of affection and were considered close. Stella had previously referred to Daniel as her ‘best friend and soul mate’ and praised him on his birthday in 2020 for being an exceptional husband and father.

Their marriage had faced criticism earlier, with some believing that Stella played a role in the breakup of Daniel’s previous marriage to actress Doris Simeon. However, in a past interview, Stella addressed the rumors, stating that the marriage was a result of religious pressure and that they were not compatible as a couple.

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Despite the breakup, Stella seems to have moved on, sharing beautiful pictures of herself and her two daughters on social media. Various celebrities, including Kate Henshaw, Mofe Duncan, and Bouqui, have shown their support by engaging with her posts.

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