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AGN Chairman Leo Ewuzie, Anambra Ministry of Education Collaborate to Introduce Film Making in School Curriculum

Evangelist Leo Ewuzie

AGN Chairman, Evangelist Leo Ewuzie, and the Anambra Ministry of Education have collaborated to introduce film making into the school curriculum. In this pioneering initiative, SOLUTION THEATRICAL COURSE CLUBS will be launched in secondary schools across the state. The program aims to uncover and nurture young talents, preparing them for opportunities in the thriving Nollywood and creative industry, thus tapping into the burgeoning creative economy.

This initiative is specifically designed to discover budding talents within schools, providing essential nurturing and guidance to prepare them for the vast array of opportunities presented by the Nollywood and creative industry. The initiative seeks to tap into the burgeoning creative economy by empowering young minds with practical knowledge and skills related to filmmaking.

The Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Anambra State Chapter took a significant step forward on September 29, 2023, by organizing a comprehensive ‘Train The Trainers Seminar.’ One teacher from each public school in the state participated in this training session, equipping them with the necessary expertise to mentor their colleagues and students effectively. A similar seminar was conducted on October 4, 2023, for teachers from private schools, further expanding the reach of this innovative educational endeavor.

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Competition Structure:

Under the theme ‘Rules and Regulations Guiding Discipline and Conduct in Anambra State Schools,’ the initiative will host a three-tier sequential competition:

  1. Local Government Area Level: Schools will compete at the local level, showcasing their talent and creativity in dramatic performances.
  2. Education Zonal Level: The winning schools from the local competitions will progress to the zonal level, where they will face off against other talented participants from their respective zones.
  3. State Grand Finale: The most exceptional performers from the zonal competitions will advance to the State Grand Finale, the pinnacle of the competition, where they will vie for the coveted title.

Expectations and Impact:

The ambitious project aims to achieve several objectives, including:

  • Talent Discovery: Identifying and nurturing young talents, providing them with a platform to showcase their creativity and potential.
  • Reviving Movie Production: Bringing movie production back to Anambra State, contributing to the state’s cultural and artistic heritage.
  • Addressing Unemployment: Offering avenues for employment within the creative industry, thereby reducing unemployment rates in the region.
  • Crime Reduction: Engaging youths in productive activities to reduce involvement in criminal activities and promote social harmony.
  • Financial Empowerment: Empowering the youth by providing opportunities for financial growth and stability.
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At each level of the competition, the top three performing schools and students will be recognized and rewarded for their outstanding efforts, further encouraging active participation and excellence in the field of dramatic arts.

This collaborative initiative between AGN and the Ministry of Education stands as a testament to the potential of partnership between the entertainment industry and the education sector. It not only promises to revolutionize the creative landscape of Anambra State but also offers a brighter, more promising future for its young talents. Stay tuned for updates as this inspiring project unfolds, shaping the future of the entertainment industry in the region.

For Enquiries and Partnership
Contact Evangelist Leo Ewuzie: 0803 553 3554

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