Anambra 2025: Former APC Auditor, Paul Chukwuma Becomes the First Guber Aspirant to Declare

Former APC National Auditor, Paul Chukwuma, has officially thrown his hat into the ring for the Anambra 2025 gubernatorial race, marking the first Gubernatorial aspirant to officially declare. The announcement unfolded at Chukwuma’s Umueri residence on Saturday, February 3rd.

During a media address at his home, Chukwuma stressed the need for collaboration between Anambra and the federal government to enhance infrastructure. He highlighted roads, railways, gas pipelines, and ports as crucial for sustainable growth, noting Anambra’s infrastructure gaps despite progress in Human Capital Development.

Chukwuma proposed a partnership with the federal government for funding, acknowledging the state’s financial limitations. He discussed challenges facing Anambra, including APGA’s relevance and the necessity for political diversification. Chukwuma revealed unsuccessful efforts to persuade the current governor to join the APC.

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Acknowledging the state government’s limitations, Chukwuma committed to Anambra’s development beyond party lines. He stated that he has already provided jobs for more than 200 Anambrarians in the federal government, citing this as one of the reasons for joining the race. His aim is to leverage broader opportunities from the federal government to assist even more people.

With a focus on the APC’s losses, Chukwuma expressed confidence in holding the solution for the party’s victory, advocating for transparent primaries. He assured his capacity to secure Agu Awka state government house for the APC.

Chukwuma clarified that his candidacy aims to bring solutions to Anambra’s challenges with federal assistance, emphasizing his consistent alignment with the APC and loyalty as both a politician and Anambra native.

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Additionally, Barr CA Chinwuba speaking for Chukwuma, stressed accessibility and practical plans for addressing Anambra’s issues, citing Paul Chukwuma’s contributions in his community and Anambra at large.

Paul Chukwuma also highlighted Anambra’s status as an oil-producing state not recognized by the Niger Delta Development Commission due to disconnection from the center.

Responding to questions about zoning and the previous governor’s tenure from the same zone, Chukwuma dismissed sentiments of zoning as parochial statenarrow-minded. He argued for assessing candidates based on competence, emphasising the need to address insecurity in Anambra South and erosion concerns. Chukwuma urged Anambra residents to focus on the direct impact a government can bring rather than zoning politics.

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