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Anambra State Empowers Healthcare Supervisors with Specialized Training in Tuberculosis, Buruli Ulcer, and Leprosy

The Anambra State government, in collaboration with the State Ministry of Health, has initiated a comprehensive five-day residential training program tailored for supervisors of Tuberculosis, Buruli Ulcer, and Leprosy. The ongoing training, being held in Awka, draws participants from various local governments within the state, as well as those operating at the state level.

Addressing the trainees, Dr. Ugochukwu Chukwulobelu, the Head of Medical Services in the Ministry of Health, underscored the significance of the training in equipping healthcare supervisors with the necessary knowledge to execute their roles effectively. Dr. Chukwulobelu emphasized the pivotal role of this program in managing these critical diseases within the state.

Prior to this initiative, similar training had been conducted in Zaria. However, due to security concerns, Governor Chukwuma Soludo sanctioned the move to hold the training in Awka, the state’s capital.

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Dr. Chukwulobelu disclosed that the state has already documented over two thousand seven hundred cases of tuberculosis this year. He urged individuals to avoid crowding in densely populated areas unless absolutely necessary, as the state government is actively working to curb the spread of these lethal diseases.

Dr. Afam Aneme, the Acting Director of Public Health in Anambra State, emphasized the interconnected nature of health concerns, stating, “Tuberculosis anywhere is tuberculosis everywhere.” He underscored the critical importance of this training in the collective effort to combat tuberculosis, Buruli Ulcer, and leprosy.

Dr. Aneme further elaborated on the severity of tuberculosis, noting that it can swiftly affect vital organs like the brain, spinal cord, and intestine, ultimately proving fatal to its carriers. He called for a united front in the battle against these life-threatening diseases.

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Dr. Chijioke Oke, a facilitator at the training, engaged participants with comprehensive insights into the three diseases. He expounded on efficient disease management protocols and effective patient interaction strategies to enhance service delivery.

As Anambra State empowers its healthcare supervisors with specialized knowledge and skills through this intensive training, the initiative demonstrates the government’s commitment to safeguarding the well-being of its residents and eradicating the threat posed by tuberculosis, Buruli Ulcer, and leprosy.

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