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Anxiety Mounts as President Tinubu Delays Ministerial Nominees List

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and its leaders are experiencing palpable anxiety as President Bola Tinubu delays the release of the final list of ministerial nominees. With only three days remaining to meet the constitutional deadline for submission, some former and serving governors, along with APC and PDP leaders who contributed to Tinubu’s election victory, are becoming increasingly agitated.

Pressure Mounts on Tinubu to Finalize Ministerial Nominees List

President Tinubu is reportedly under significant pressure regarding the ministerial list. Although the APC governors were allowed to submit three names from their states, the President has shown particular interest in selecting nominees from Rivers, Kano, and Lagos states personally. Additionally, Vice President Kashim Shettima has been given the liberty to nominate ministers from the North-East.

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Rivers APC Leaders Divided Over Nyesom Wike’s Nomination

In Rivers State, the party leaders are divided over the purported nomination of former governor Nyesom Wike. While some have opposed Wike’s inclusion in the list, loyal party members who worked hard for the APC’s victory have threatened to leave the party if those who contributed to its existence in the state are neglected.

Assurances from the President to Remain Calm

Amid the growing unease, the President has urged party members to remain calm, assuring that those not selected for ministerial positions will be accommodated through other appointments. A reliable source stated that the President is likely to submit the list to the Senate on Tuesday for screening and confirmation, easing tensions among the party members.

Governor Seyi Makinde to Nominate Ministerial Candidate from Oyo State

Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, who contributed to President Tinubu’s electoral victory, has been given the opportunity to nominate the ministerial candidate from his state.

Technocrats, LP, and PDP Leaders Expected in the Ministerial List

The President is expected to bring in technocrats working with international and multinational organizations. Surprisingly, some individuals from lesser-known parties, such as the Labour Party (LP) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), who indirectly supported the President’s emergence, are also likely to be part of the cabinet.

Ministerial Nominees List Expected This Week

Amidst the speculation and anxiety, it is anticipated that President Tinubu will unveil the list of ministerial nominees before the end of the week.

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