AODSKILLS Officially Launches Employability Assistive Digital Skills Makerspace in Nigeria

AODSKILLS - Digital Skills Makerspace

In a bid to combat unemployment and empower individuals with practical skills, AODSKILLS has officially launched its Employability Assistive Digital Skills Makerspace in Nigeria. The initiative not only aims to impart digital skills but also provides avenues for job placement, internship programs, and the distribution of free tech gadgets.

Founder and visionary behind AODSKILLS express excitement, emphasizing the dream of contributing to career advancement and national education. The Edutech platform, located in Abuja, offers courses in Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Design Technology, and Content Marketing.

In response to economic challenges, AODSKILLS stresses the importance of continuous learning in the face of foreign exchange rate fluctuations and rising inflation. The company encourages individuals to join their journey to become Tech Experts, offering a comprehensive array of internship opportunities and partnerships with companies nationwide.

To incentivize excellence, top performers in each class will receive internship offers, laptops, phones, and cutting-edge content gadgets. AODSKILLS goes beyond traditional structures, allowing trainees to explore foreign remote job platforms, fostering professional growth in the evolving landscape of remote work.

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The Academy of Digital Skills (AODS) positions itself as a cutting-edge educational technology platform dedicated to equipping individuals with ‘ready to work’ skills. With a mission to empower the next generation of innovators, AODS focuses on excellence in education, career readiness, industry collaboration, and fostering a culture of non-stop learning.

AODS offers a range of digital courses, including Content Creation, Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, Cloud Computing, Automation, Software Engineering, Remote Work, Ads, and Design Technology. The platform provides a virtual E-learning experience, building and selling software, and a core focus on helping learners secure employment through internships and remote job opportunities.

The company’s objectives include providing a comprehensive curriculum at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring learners are equipped for success in the tech industry. AODS collaborates with tech companies to create internship opportunities, projects, and mentorship programs while instilling a culture of continuous learning.

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For those interested in joining AODS, the process is simple: register for membership, make secure payments, and receive confirmation details via email to access courses, membership benefits, and the support platform. Membership benefits include access to industry-driven curriculum, expert instruction and mentorship, networking opportunities, practical learning, career services, job placement support, exclusive events and workshops, an alumni network, and flexibility for personalization.

AODS invites individuals to shape the future of technology and unlock their potential by getting in touch through their physical location in Abuja, Nigeria, or reaching out via phone or email. With its focus on immediate employability, AODS stands as a beacon for those seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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