Awka in Turmoil as ACTDA Boss, Ossy Onuko, Demolishes Traders’ Businesses

In a distressing turn of events, the Managing Director of Awka Capital Territory Development Authority (ACTDA), Hon Ossy Onuko, is under scrutiny for the alleged demolition of the businesses of street traders in Awka. These traders, who primarily depend on their daily hustle, now find themselves grappling with the aftermath of what seems to be an aggressive crackdown.

Yesterday, ACTDA, under the direction of Hon Ossy Onuko, reportedly sent thugs to destroy the makeshift shops of these traders, leaving them in dire straits. AIF Media obtained video footage depicting the heart-wrenching scene of traders losing their wares, all in the name of urban development.

The affected traders, who are already facing challenges such as extortion and levies from local enforcers, now confront the additional burden of having their businesses dismantled. The question arises: What alternative solutions has the government, led by Prof Charles Soludo, provided for these street traders?

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The high cost of shops in Awka makes it difficult for these traders to afford formal establishments. Instead of addressing the economic struggles of the poor, the government’s actions seem to exacerbate their hardships. The demolished shops belonged to individuals who, rather than resorting to criminal activities, chose an honest livelihood on the streets.

Despite inquiries, Hon Ossy Onuko justified the demolitions by citing a war against street traders defacing the city. However, the absence of a viable alternative for these traders raises concerns about the government’s approach to urban development.

As the affected traders cry out for justice, it is evident that the actions of the ACTDA have left a profound impact on the lives of the poor and less privileged. The electorate, comprising these traders, will undoubtedly remember these events when the 2025 elections arrive. The choice between continuing with an administration perceived as lacking a human face and electing a government that prioritizes the welfare of its citizens will likely define the ballots in Anambra.

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In the face of these challenges, let justice prevail, and may the people of Anambra make their voices heard in 2025.

Read the original content written by Eneh Victor Chigozie of AIF Media.

Watch the videos here:

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