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Boosting Power Supply and Diversifying Energy: Labour Party’s Call for a Prosperous Nigeria

The Labour Party in Lagos State has urgently called upon President Bola Tinubu to address the critical challenges facing stable electricity supply in Nigeria.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Saturday, the party’s Chairman, Mr. Olumide Adesoyin, emphasized the importance of improving electricity supply in both urban and rural areas to alleviate the hardships caused by the removal of fuel subsidies.

President Tinubu, in his recent address, promised to tackle the power value chain challenges and meet the people’s demands for a reliable electricity supply. He pledged to enhance power generation, aiming for significant growth and sustainability, surpassing the previous 5,300MW capacity that proved inadequate for Nigeria’s population of over 200 million.

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Adesoyin stressed that a stable electricity supply would significantly reduce the reliance on generators, which has adversely affected businesses and the overall well-being of Nigerians.

The party chairman identified the metering gap in the country’s power sector as one of the key challenges that need to be addressed. He urged the administration to take urgent steps to close this gap, which would also boost the performance of distribution companies (Discos).

Furthermore, Adesoyin encouraged the president to create a favorable policy environment to attract private investments in power generation and modernize the transmission infrastructure.

He also advocated for greater diversification of energy sources, with a focus on renewable and clean energy options. Adesoyin suggested exploring the possibility of nuclear energy, taking inspiration from countries like South Africa, Iran, and Turkey, which have successfully built nuclear power plants.

Apart from addressing electricity supply, the party chairman called on the Lagos State government to improve the conditions of inner streets across the state, making them more motorable and accessible. This move would reduce vehicle wear and tear and save commuting time for citizens.

Finally, Adesoyin appealed to both federal and state governments to consider subsidizing the cost of food items in the market. He highlighted that removing the burden of hunger from Nigerians would empower them to engage in more productive activities within the nation’s polity.

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