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Cardi B Reacts Fiercely to Drink Thrown at Her Onstage During Performance

During her performance, American rapper Cardi B responded fiercely when an audience member threw a drink at her on stage. The incident, caught on video, showed the 30-year-old star retaliating by hurling the microphone back at the person and expressing her anger on stage. Cardi B later shared the video on her social media account.

While this is not the first time Cardi B has faced objects thrown by the crowd during her performances, it’s the first time she has been witnessed retaliating in this manner. In the past, she usually walked off the stage instead of engaging in such actions.

Similar incidents have been reported with other musicians over the years, including Bebe Rexha being hit by a cell phone, country singer Kelsea Ballerini struck in the eye by a bracelet, and a phone thrown at Drake’s arm during his tour. Lil Nas X also had sex toys thrown at him during a headline show. In June, Ava Max was hit in the eye by an attendee rushing onto the stage, and Pink was shocked when a fan placed his mother’s ashes in front of her during one of her live shows. Such occurrences highlight the challenges artists sometimes face during live performances.

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