Chief Ibekie lauds Governor Soludo’s great achievements so far in Anambra State

…He noted that Soludo will win his second term election effortlessly to continue his great works

Chief Tochukwu George Ibekie showers praise on Anambra Governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, commending his outstanding achievements in the state. Reflecting on his recent Christmas holiday, Ibekie expressed astonishment at the rapid and remarkable progress witnessed in Anambra since Soludo assumed office. He credited the governor for surpassing expectations in a relatively short period, showcasing a level of performance that left Ibekie incredulous.

Ibekie underscored his early support for Professor Soludo during the 2021 election, emphasizing his confidence in the governor’s ability to excel based on his impressive track record. According to Ibekie, the decision to endorse Soludo was driven by the belief that his leadership would bring positive change to Anambra. Now, witnessing Soludo’s tangible accomplishments, Chief Ibekie is even more convinced that the governor’s second-term election will be secured effortlessly.

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With conviction, Ibekie predicted a massive show of support from Anambra residents during the upcoming election, emphasizing that the people will overwhelmingly vote for Soludo to continue his transformative work in the state. Chief Ibekie’s endorsement is rooted in the belief that Soludo’s great achievements will resonate with the electorate, securing not only victory but a clear mandate to further enhance the well-being of Anambra citizens.

In conclusion, Chief Ibekie’s laudatory remarks highlight his appreciation for Governor Soludo’s exceptional leadership, setting the stage for a confident anticipation of a well-deserved second term for the Anambra Governor.

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