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Chief of Staff Applauds Anambra’s Achievements, Calls for Responsible Social Media Usage

In a recent engaging session with Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS), Mr. Ernest Ezeajughi, Chief of Staff to Anambra State Governor, passionately urged citizens to leverage social media as a potent tool for positive development. He emphasized the immense potential of social media to showcase the state’s achievements and promote its progress while cautioning against its misuse for spreading misinformation and demarketing the state.

Ezeajughi emphasized that the Anambra State Government welcomes both positive and constructive criticism. They remain open to feedback for improvement and invite citizens to witness the remarkable advancements in areas such as infrastructure, security, economy, human capital, and governance.

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Regarding the security situation in the state, Ezeajughi acknowledged the challenging conditions that prevailed when Governor Soludo assumed office. Criminal activities had plagued seven local governments in Anambra South and Ogbaru in Anambra North. However, under Governor Soludo’s leadership, significant strides were made, and criminals were successfully driven away. Regrettably, these developments didn’t receive the attention they deserved from social media reporters.

Highlighting the administration’s security reforms, Mr. Ezeajughi mentioned the establishment of the Ministry of Homeland Security and the Joint Taskforce, a collaborative effort comprising the Army, Police, Navy, and Anambra Vigilante services, all aimed at combating insecurity in the state.

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The agricultural sector has also seen significant progress, with the government distributing Malaysian hybrid coconuts and palm oil seedlings to every household in the state. These initiatives are poised to generate wealth for households in the coming 2-3 years.

Furthermore, the Anambra State Government has embarked on an extensive road construction project, covering over 300 kilometers of roads across the state. Despite the challenges posed by the rains, the government remains confident that the roads will soon be completed, vastly improving the quality of life for residents and attracting new investments to the state.

Ezeajughi also discussed the construction of an industrial park at Ogboji, set to create a multitude of job opportunities. Additionally, the Solution Fun City, an entertainment and leisure hub under construction in Awka, will further contribute to the state’s development.

Investing in healthcare has been a top priority for the government, with significant efforts in revamping state general hospitals and introducing telemedicine services. The implementation of telemedicine allows remote access to quality healthcare, benefiting patients in rural areas.

Regarding investments, Chief of Staff Ezeajughi expressed concern that 75% of Anambra indigenes’ investments lie outside the state. He called upon the people to consider the impact of demarketing the state on social media, questioning how this could encourage others to invest in Anambra. The government is firmly committed to making Anambra a “liveable and prosperous smart megacity.”

Governor Soludo is currently attending a town hall meeting in Abuja with Anambra indigenes to assure them of the state’s safety and attractiveness for investments. The meeting is being held at Bolton White Event Centre, Wuse Zone 7, Abuja, and all Abuja residents are welcome to attend.

Positive feedback from a previous town hall meeting in Lagos has fueled the belief that the meeting in Abuja will be equally successful. Ezeajughi called upon Anambra indigenes to consider bringing their investments back home, emphasizing the importance of nurturing the state’s growth collectively. He also encouraged the youth to actively use social media as a platform to promote Anambra’s developmental strides under Governor Soludo’s visionary leadership.

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