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Chief Vincent Udobi Condemns ASATU’s Biased Approach to Ifitedunu PG Crisis

The ASATU is a political organisation and does not have the requisite understanding of the happenings in Ifitedunu Town, as such, it does not have the locus to speak of events that do not affect it at the detriment of the people of Ifitedunu.

Moreso, the fact that ASATU did not carry out any form of inquiry shows its biased against the general interest of a community over one of its members. Its position falls short of the basic norm of justice that requires hearing from each side.

This body has once again shown its unreadiness to stand out as a people-oriented body rather than a mere welfarist group interested in filling the deep pockets of some of its members to the detriment of their community.

One would have expected a body that purports to represent the general interest of all the Towns in Anambra State to demonstrate professionalism and high standards in examining issues, rather than its one-sided approach that has further deepened the wounds of the people of Ifitedunu community sustained from the actions of Mr. Uchenna Oragwuncha, who has now lost the confidence of the people.


Mr. Uchenna lost the confidence of Ifitedunu people when he sought to pursue his interest to the detriment of the will of the people who elected him. He colluded with some state and non-state actors and started erecting buildings in Nkwo Market, without the consent of the stakeholders of the community, including the five village Chairmen and the BOT of the Ifitedunu Town Union (ITU).

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When the Community appealed to him to stop the unauthorized construction on their common patrimony, he refused and started using his influence to intimidate and silence members of the community with the use of force from hired thugs .He even claimed that he had a document from the Hon. Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters to build the shop in the Market.

This made the people of ifitedunu suspicious of the involvement of the Hon. Commissioner in the attempt by Mr. Uchenna to forcefully dispossess them of their common heritage with state support.

While the people of Ifitedunu are aware that the Hon. Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Matters lacks the powers to give directives or approval on building and construction matters, and the reluctance of the Hon. Commissioner to act on the appeal of the people of Ifitedunu to replace Mr. Uchenna who is now a convicted criminal as the president general of ifitedunu is tale signs of the personal relationship between the duo and commercial/business interest in the unauthorized structures. This robs off the image of the government that has been branded as a people-centred government.

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The people of Ifitedunu are aware that the actions of Mr. Uchenna and the Hon. Commissioner are inimical to the quest of the Soludo-led administration to restore peace and bolster security within the state. Hence their astonishment at the views expressed by ASATU in their recent visit to the Hon. Commissioner.

The people of Ifitedunu have only resorted to legal means to express their grievances and will continue to do so even in the face of intimidation and political gang-ups. As law-abiding citizens, we call on the governor and law enforcement agencies as a matter of urgency to intervene in the situation of Ifitedunu to rescue the people from the tyranny that has been orchestrated by Mr. Uchenna and his cohorts.

Chief Dr Vincent Udobi

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