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Cleric Advises Nigerians to Curtail Social Expenses Amidst Economic Struggles

Lagos-based spiritual leader, Oluwaseye Yomi-Sholoye, has offered practical advice to Nigerians, urging them to reevaluate and trim their social spending in response to the prevailing economic challenges. Yomi-Sholoye made these remarks during a press briefing held in Lagos, setting the stage for the upcoming 5th edition of the Night of Divine Experience (NODE 5.0).

Addressing the theme of this year’s annual event, ‘Go, Ye,’ the clergy emphasized the necessity for Nigerians to adapt their spending habits in light of the removal of government subsidies and the ensuing economic hardships.

“This is a moment to explore innovative solutions and to take a realistic approach to our lifestyles,” she stated in a release issued on Saturday.

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As the founder of New Seraph, Faith Mission Cherubim and Seraphim, Yomi-Sholoye revealed that the event is slated to take place in Ogun State during the following week. She acknowledged that the nation would require considerable time to navigate through the existing economic complexities.

Yomi-Sholoye appealed to the government to recognize the plight of the masses and to take proactive measures aimed at addressing the prevailing economic predicaments. Underlining the importance of the younger generation in both the church and the nation, she emphasized the desire to guide them towards adopting a Christ-like existence.

The cleric expounded on the significance of evangelism within the church, emphasizing its role in fostering a sense of spiritual fulfillment. She noted that engaging in soul-winning endeavors might prove challenging if citizens are grappling with feelings of depression.

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In conclusion, Yomi-Sholoye stressed the need for collective effort and prudent financial choices to weather the ongoing economic uncertainties. This call to frugality aligns with her broader message of faith and practicality, aimed at assisting Nigerians during these trying times.

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