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Cultism: Tips for Recognizing Cautionary Signs in Behavior Among Our Children/Wards

SP Tochukwu Ikenga
Police Public Relations Officer,
Anambra State Police Command,

Recognising warning behaviour is key to understanding and guiding our children. In this episode, Anambra State Police Command has highlighted some attitudes/behaviors that are seen as a red flag in our children.

Sudden changes in personality for example a person known to be an extrovert suddenly becomes introverted or vice-versa.

Asking questions or engaging in conversations with people and seeking their validation or justification for gangs or groups.

Sudden being afraid and fascination with and bearing of, weapons.

Sudden urge to seek justice through self-help and making open or subtle threats about avenging a rift.

Resort to the use of drugs and alcohol to get high, numb pains, and succumb to peer pressure.

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Sudden staying away from home for days and staying late at night.

When your child is always on a longer call than necessary and surfing the internet for ways to cause pain to other people.

When your child becomes so interested
in a group of friends especially with particular identification like color, handshakes, and hanging out.

It is a known fact Nigerians are blessed with vibrant, energetic, and enterprising people full of potential. The potential can only be fully realized in a peaceful, secure environment and Anambra Police Command shall sustain the fight against crime in the State through the advocacy platform of Police Campaign Against Cultism & Other Vices POCACOV

to be continue….

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