Diaspora Nigerians Caution President Tinubu Against War Declaration Amidst Coup Fallout

Amidst a rising tide of apprehension sparked by rumors of potential military action against Niger Republic, Nigerians abroad, united under the banner of the Global Nigerian Diaspora Forum (GNDF), have voiced their concern and urged President Bola Tinubu to exercise prudence. The GNDF, in a joint statement signed by Chief Emmanuel Tam Ezekiel-Hart, Dr. Ifem Emmanuel Orji, Prof. Mondy Gold, and Hon. Gesiere Brisibe-Dorgu, appealed for cautious consideration, highlighting the absence of external aggressors currently posing a threat to Nigeria.

The GNDF underscored the foundational tenet of Nigeria’s executive presidential system, wherein the sovereignty of the nation resides in the hands of its elected representatives. The forum noted that any exercise of power that places Nigeria in peril warrants scrutiny and intervention by the judiciary, guided by the constitutional principle enshrined in Section 1 of the Constitution, which declares it supreme and binding.

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The statement read, “We shall challenge any backdoor deals that send our military to the Niger Republic and ensure that the judiciary exercises its power to declare void any backdoor agreements, using its power under section 6 of the Constitution.”

Pointing to the urgency of prioritizing internal security concerns, the GNDF emphasized the prevailing threats posed by Boko Haram, bandits, and unidentified gunmen. While acknowledging that the current administration seeks an enduring solution to these challenges, the forum questioned the wisdom of initiating foreign military engagement, emphasizing the unpredictability of war outcomes.

The GNDF invoked historical examples of conflicts in countries like Russia, Ukraine, the United States, and Great Britain to underscore the inherent complexities and uncertainties associated with armed interventions.

Furthermore, the forum scrutinized the constitutional requisites for deploying Nigerian armed forces to foreign soil, invoking Section 5(4)(a), 5(4)(b), and 5(5) to stress the absence of an imminent threat or danger that would warrant such a move.

Emphasizing the importance of preserving Nigeria’s national pride and interests, the GNDF cautioned against acquiescing to foreign pressures. The forum advocated for peaceful dialogue and mediation, urging President Tinubu to focus on domestic needs and prioritize the welfare of Nigerian citizens.

The GNDF appealed to the National Assembly to reject any such military proposal, rallying for a concerted effort to enhance border security and address internal threats. They called upon stakeholders, including traditional, religious, and political leaders, to challenge any law or approval related to deploying Nigerian armed forces to foreign lands.

As the specter of potential military involvement looms, the GNDF implored the judiciary to stand as a bulwark against any actions that could compromise Nigeria’s stability and sovereignty. The forum’s resolute stance reflected the collective concern of Nigerians in the diaspora, who seek to safeguard their nation’s interests and future against unforeseen and hazardous circumstances.

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