Monday, May 16, 2022

Do This Before Entering Bolt Or Uber, I Was Almost Kidnapped


On Monday, I booked bolt, so, when the driver came, I just entered the vehicle and immediately, the driver asked me to get down and check if the number plate of the vehicle is thesame with the one on the app. I was like oga, please, lets go, but he insisted until I got down to confirm.

On our way, he told me that I should never enter any bolt without confirming the number plate. To be sincere, all these months I have been using bolt I have never thought of checking the number plate.

So, today, I was about going to artillery, I wanted to drive but never had the leadings to so I had to book bolt I still entered the vehicle without checking the number plate. The driver dropped me and left.

But, when I was about coming back, I booked another bolt, and the driver told me that he was coming from second artillery, so I was standing by the roadside waiting, he now called again, that I should look, that he is the one coming with head light on. So, when I looked I saw a jeep, the person packed and immediately, I checked the number plate.

Lo and behold, the number plate on my app was similar to this vehicle but not thesame. I had to look well, and the driver now say enter, which side are you going to?

I looked at his eyes and said, oga this is not the vehicle I booked for, you needed to see the way the guy zoomed off. I couldn’t believe my eyes. While I was still there trying to place what just happened, the other number I initially booked, now called and said he didn’t see me.

I had to book another bolt, and when I was getting close to my house, I shared my experience with him, and he said, madam, God just save you. When it is not your time, nothing can happen to you. And he now said, this is their new system of kidnapping people.

This is the new way. If anything had happened, the driver would have said he didn’t pick me, that I entered the wrong vehicle meanwhile they are working together.

Please, everyone be very careful in this times and season. Once you book bolt, send the plate number and phone number to any of you family members. Also, when the bolt comes to pick you up, please, confirm if the plate number is same as the one on the app.

I just thank God for safety.

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