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Dr. Chinedu Umeadi Foundation Hosts Fifth Annual Science Quiz Competition in Awka

By Okonkwo Samuel | Daily News Reporters

The Dr. Chinedu Umeadi Foundation successfully organized its fifth edition of the Annual Science Quiz competition in Awka, Anambra State, held at the IDK Learning Centre.

The event commenced on Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, showcasing the academic prowess of both Senior (SS2) and Junior (JSS2) secondary school students. Approximately 240 public/mission schools from across Anambra state’s six Education Zones participated in the intellectually stimulating competition.


Prior to the commencement of the computer-based test (CBT), participants underwent prompt accreditation. The examination comprised four science subjects, featuring a total of 100 questions, to be completed within an hour.


The final competition, slated for Tuesday, May 7th, 2024, will witness the top three qualified students from each zone contending for victory. The winners are set to be awarded on June 6th, 2024.

During the accreditation process, Vice President Ozo Uchenna Umeadi graced the event with his presence, speaking to the media expressing overwhelming joy at the smooth proceedings. He extended heartfelt appreciation to the Post Primary School Service Commission (PPRS) for their unwavering dedication in orchestrating the quiz competition, underscoring the foundation’s enduring commitment to educational excellence. In a heartfelt tribute, he paid homage to the visionary founder, Dr. Chinedu Anthony Umeadi, whose steadfast leadership has propelled the foundation’s mission forward since its inception in 2019.

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Ozo Uchenna Umeadi – Vice President Dr Chinedu Umeadi Foundation

Adding her voice to the chorus of appreciation, Rev Sis Dr Miriam Rona Ifeoma Onwuadi, the coordinator of Dr. Chinedu Umeadi’s Foundation, expressed profound gratitude for the seamless execution of the event. Witnessing the enthusiasm and dedication displayed by students, teachers, and schools alike, she emphasised the pivotal role of the quiz competition in honing students’ exam-taking skills and preparing them for future academic endeavours. She extended heartfelt thanks to the Anambra State Government, PPRS, and the Head of Science & Tech department for their invaluable contributions, reaffirming the collective commitment to nurturing a generation of future leaders through education.

Mrs. Uzoewuru Lilian, Director of Science and Technology, Post Primary School Service Commission, Awka, Anambra State, acknowledged the seamless execution of the exam. She applauded Dr. Chinedu Umeadi and his foundation for their investment in education, urging them to continue their commendable efforts.

Throughout the competition, standout performances were noted in each zone:

In Aguata Zone, Ezeifeako Chinyere from CSS Oko emerged with an impressive score of 67 in the Senior Category, while in the Junior Category, Nwosu Esomjeso from ArchBishop Heerey M.M.S.S. Ufuma secured the lead with a score of 75.

Awka Zone saw notable achievements from Nzekwe Ifechukwu C of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka with a score of 76 in the Senior Category, and Ejiofor Mary-Mirabel of SKGSS Umudioka with a remarkable 85 in the Junior Category.


In Nnewi Zone, Ejeakanonu Chiamaka from MRMCSS Nnewi excelled in the Senior Category with a score of 72, while Okafor Onyenyiri Chukwu from BUM Seminary Nnewi led in the Junior Category with a score of 80.

Ogidi Zone witnessed outstanding performances from Ajulufo Precious Ebere of Marist CC Nteje with a score of 81 in the Senior Category, and Obiora Mary-Cynthia of Marist CC Nteje with an impressive 88 in the Junior Category.

In Onitsha Zone, Ifebuilo Onachukwu from QRC Onitsha led in the Senior Category with a score of 78, while Gabriel Chiamaka of QRC Onitsha dominated the Junior Category with a remarkable 90.

Otuocha Zone showcased notable efforts from Anyaka Angela of HRG Nsugbe with a score of 65 in the Senior Category, and Abueme Echezonachukwu of HRGC Nsugbe with a leading score of 78 in the Junior Category.

The Dr. Chinedu Umeadi Foundation, established in 2019, remains committed to empowering the less privileged through educational initiatives, exemplifying a dedication to uplifting communities through knowledge and opportunity. With the successful conclusion of its fifth Annual Science Quiz competition, the foundation reaffirms its mission to nurture and inspire the next generation of scientific minds.

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