Ekiti State to Experience Power Boost as Governor Oyebanji Unveils Independent Power Plant Project

In an announcement with promising implications for Ekiti State’s economic trajectory, Governor Biodun Oyebanji unveiled plans to power the region through the upcoming 3.5MW Independent Power Plant Project. Scheduled for completion in September, the initiative is poised to invigorate economic growth within the state.

Speaking during a comprehensive account of his stewardship at a stakeholders’ engagement event marking his 300 days in office, Governor Oyebanji revealed that the Independent Power Plant project has reached an impressive 90 percent completion rate. The project’s primary goal is to provide a stable supply of electricity to government offices and tertiary institutions situated in Ado Ekiti and its surrounding areas. This proactive measure is anticipated to alleviate the recurrent problem of inconsistent power supply experienced in certain pockets of the state.

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Governor Oyebanji emphasized the impact of this initiative, stating, “We are reconnecting Ikogosi, Erijiyan, and Ikogosi Resort Centre back to the national grid to enhance the state tourism corridor. We need N1 billion to reconnect Ayekire, Ekiti East Local governments, and their LCDAs after 10 years of darkness, as well as Agriculture Processing Zone at Ikole, back to the national grid.”

The governor also highlighted other significant accomplishments in the power sector, including the installation of solar lights in the Atikankan area of Ado Ekiti to deter criminal activity by illuminating the region. He underscored the administration’s commitment to improving security and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Furthermore, Governor Oyebanji unveiled plans to extend the 33KV at the Omisanjana Transmission Substation to Baptist High School and to connect the Ilawe 33KV line with Erinjiyan-Ikogosi, fostering a more interconnected and efficient power distribution network.

As Ekiti State eagerly anticipates the forthcoming launch of the Independent Power Plant Project, the proactive measures taken by the Oyebanji administration are projected to usher in a new era of stable and consistent power supply, thereby catalyzing economic advancement and enhancing the overall living conditions of the residents.

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