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First Bank of Nigeria Launches Cutting-Edge Digital Xperience Centre to Combat Fraud and Enhance Customer Service

Mr. Adesola Adeduntan, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of First Bank of Nigeria, has unveiled the bank’s latest technological advancement aimed at revolutionizing the banking industry. The innovative Digital Xperience Centre, inaugurated at the University of Ibadan, promises to thwart forgery, fraud, and other illicit activities while elevating the quality of customer service.

During the launch, Mr. Adeduntan emphasized the profound impact of the new technology on enhancing security and customer experiences. He assured customers that this advancement will not compromise the services provided by bank staff. He emphasized that customers can conduct their banking transactions seamlessly within the new digital facility without the need for human interaction.

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Mr. Adeduntan explained, “We have introduced machines here that issue debit cards, and a Robot that can assist with inquiries and account opening. It can also aid in blocking accounts in cases of suspected fraud.”

Pioneering this innovative approach, First Bank of Nigeria establishes itself as a leader in digital banking experiences, with the University of Ibadan chosen as the second location for this fully automated Digital Xperience Centre. Mr. Adeduntan stated that the decision to place this facility at the University of Ibadan was influenced by the city’s progressive outlook, aimed at benefitting students, lecturers, and the surrounding community.

The Managing Director highlighted that the Digital Xperience Centre will serve as a hub of technological innovation, ensuring customers have access to world-class banking services. This initiative aligns with the bank’s commitment to offering exceptional customer experiences and remaining at the forefront of financial innovation.

Furthermore, Mr. Adeduntan underscored the importance of biometrics and the National Identification Number (NIN) in enhancing security and aligning with government initiatives. He emphasized that these measures will help identify and serve all Nigerian customers while contributing to the government’s sectoral goals.

The introduction of a cash recycler within the facility was also highlighted. Customers can conveniently deposit cash into the machine, associating it with their account number, and receive a receipt, enhancing transaction accuracy and security.

In his remarks, Professor Kayode Adebowale, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, praised the visionary leadership of First Bank of Nigeria and endorsed the technological advancement. He lauded the innovation for its potential to enhance efficiency and convenience for staff and students, enabling them to conduct transactions effortlessly without human intervention.

The launch of the Digital Xperience Centre underscores First Bank of Nigeria’s commitment to fostering a secure and technologically advanced banking environment. The bank’s visionary approach is poised to reshape the future of banking while prioritizing customer satisfaction and security.

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