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Former Delta State Governor, James Ibori, Accuses London Judge of Bias in $130m Confiscation Order

Former Delta State Governor, Mr. James Ibori, expressed his displeasure and accused London Judge David Tomlinson of partiality after the judge issued a confiscation order for $130 million against Ibori. The former governor argued that the order was “wholly unrealistic and unrealizable” and vowed to appeal the ruling. A socio-political group, Rescue Nigeria Economy Project, also backed Ibori’s decision to appeal, alleging that the UK government’s actions against Ibori were motivated by persecution rather than seeking justice.

Ibori, who has been facing a prolonged legal battle, maintained his belief in justice and fairness, even though he faced numerous obstacles in the British courts. He criticized the UK prosecutors for their investigation of his assets, which he claimed were far less than the amount in question in the confiscation order. Ibori questioned the impartiality of Judge Tomlinson, stating that the judge disregarded his arguments, evidence, and expert witnesses.

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Rescue Nigeria Economy Project condemned the ruling and considered it a complex and complicated persecution rather than a pursuit of justice. The group questioned the immediate payment demand in the confiscation order, which they deemed an abuse of fair hearing. They expressed support for Ibori’s decision to appeal and hoped that justice would eventually prevail.

The group also called on the Nigerian government to stand by its citizens, especially those facing unnecessary victimization from foreign nations, and urged the government to support Ibori’s appeal in the UK’s highest courts. They emphasized that the legal battle was far from over, and justice would only be served through due process and fair proceedings.

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