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Former Kaduna Speaker Praises Ganduje’s Leadership and Envisions Prolonged APC Dominance

Yusuf Ibrahim Zailani, the former Speaker of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, has expressed confidence that Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje, the National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), possesses the capabilities required to maintain the party’s hold on government for more than six decades. Zailani’s optimistic proclamation was made during a visit to the APC’s national headquarters in Abuja, where he led a delegation of former House of Representatives members on a solidarity mission.

Zailani’s endorsement of Ganduje’s leadership evokes memories of a similar bold prediction made over a decade ago. Vincent Ogbulafor, a former National Chairman of the then-ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), had confidently proclaimed that the PDP was poised to govern Nigeria for at least 60 years due to its exemplary policies and programs. However, the PDP’s reign was cut short by electoral defeat in the 2015 presidential election during President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure, contrary to Ogbulafor’s prediction.

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Undeterred by past occurrences, Zailani voiced his conviction that under Ganduje’s guidance, the APC would stand the test of time. He declared, “We have no doubt in our mind that you (Ganduje) will lead this party to continuously forming government in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, for more than 60 years. We know you can do it and we have absolute confidence that you can do it.”

Zailani emphasized the unity of purpose within the APC, highlighting the diverse representation of all six geopolitical zones in his delegation. He further assured Ganduje of their unwavering support, stating, “We want to tell you that all of us have the energy, the vision and the interest of the party at heart, so we are offering ourselves for any party assignments.”

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In response, Ganduje expressed gratitude for the visit and urged the delegation to remain committed to executing constituency projects promised to their constituents. He stressed the significance of tangible development projects in bolstering the party’s grassroots support and fostering a connection between legislators and their constituents.

The former Kaduna Speaker’s optimistic outlook, reminiscent of past political predictions, underscores the dynamics and uncertainties that shape Nigeria’s political landscape. As the APC navigates the challenges of maintaining a lasting presence in government, the party’s leadership remains focused on the execution of policies and projects that resonate with the populace at all levels of governance.

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