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Former Senator Shehu Sani Laments: Nigerian Youths’ Hopes Dashed in Tinubu’s Cabinet Formation

Former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani, has expressed his dismay at President Bola Tinubu’s new administration, claiming that it has shattered the aspirations of Nigerian youths during the cabinet formation.

Taking to his verified Twitter handle on Saturday, Sani voiced his disappointment, stating that a significant number of Nigerian youths had anticipated a more prominent role in the new president’s cabinet.

Regrettably, Sani clarified that these hopes were dashed by President Tinubu’s decision to prioritize the inclusion of older politicians, which left the younger generation feeling excluded.

Sani’s reaction was triggered by the ministerial lists forwarded to the senate by Tinubu, which largely comprised names of well-known seasoned politicians. This approach has faced severe criticism from Nigerians who were hoping for fresh and youthful leadership to steer the nation.

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Emphasizing that President Tinubu seemed focused on satisfying what he referred to as the “entitled old brigades,” Sani lamented that the youth’s aspirations were overlooked in the process.

“The exigencies of appeasing the entitled old brigades have dashed the hope of the youths to dominate the cabinet,” Shehu Sani tweeted. As the nation grapples with these sentiments, the need for a more inclusive and balanced government remains a pressing concern among citizens, who advocate for greater involvement of the younger generation in shaping the country’s future.

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