Sunday, August 7, 2022

Give Us Hon Paul Ezeobi: A Passionate Appeal To Nnewi South, Nnewi North, and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency APC Delegates


We, the Concerned APC Grassroot Members, Beneficiaries and Witnesses of Hon Paul Ezeobi Empowerment and Development in Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency hereby make a passionate appeal to the Delegates to give Hon Paul Ezeobi their votes.

We also declare that there is no vacancy for infiltrators and strange elements.

Four qualities we believe every political party must consider in choosing her Flagbearer or Candidate are Loyalty to the party, Antecedents, Commitment to societal development, and Capacity of winning the main election.

Using the aforementioned four qualities as parameters for electing candidates, Hon Paul Ezeobi qualifies beyond doubt and should be the Candidate of the All Progressive Congress for Nnewi South, Nnewi North, and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency Seat.

Hon Ezeobi’s loyalty to the All Progressive Congress has stood the test of time. Aside from being very instrumental to the popularity and acceptability of the party in Anambra State and South East, Ezeobi did not desert the party at a time when the party lost most seats in Anambra State including Nnewi South where he was the party’s candidate. This act attracted more members to the party.

Since 2015 when Hon Ezeobi joined the APC, he has been a strong pillar. Notwithstanding that he lost his State House bid in 2019, he never abandoned the party. Rather, he continued to show love for party men, closing gaps and drawing down several packages to party men and women.

Hon Ezeobi used his position as the State House Candidate to push for the rights of Ndi Anambra in terms of projects and schemes owned by our party for which opposing elements usually take credit.

He also ensured the inclusion of our party’s men and women in schemes. He encouraged a good image for the All Progressive Congress in Anambra State using his media professionals.

Hon Ezeobi has shown 100% commitment to societal development. Several projects were attracted by him which cuts across healthcare, education, infrastructure, and the recent FG’s Survival Funds from which hundreds of constituents benefited.

He is a household name in the whole of the constituency. This is the kind of candidate the APC needs to win the election. He can give the party victory and ensure credible, effective, and efficient representation for the constituency.

APC Delegates must consider all of these while choosing their candidate. Let’s reward a good and loyal party man with our votes. He was there when it was good, and he was also there when it was tough.

A whole lot of strange elements are parading as having the interest of the party just to clinch its ticket. Where were they when the party needed support? This is a pertinent question we must ask.

This is an appeal to the APC Delegates to reward the good and loyal Hon Paul Ezeobi with their votes and make him the Candidate for Nnewi North, Nnewi South, and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency in the forthcoming election. He can give the party victory.


  • Concerned APC Grassroot Members.
  • Beneficiaries and Witnesses of Hon Paul Ezeobi Empowerment and Development in Nnewi North, Nnewi South and Ekwusigo Federal Constituency.

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