Governor Obaseki Charges Newly Sworn-In Commissioners to Prioritize Public Service Over Personal Gain

Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, delivered a resounding call to the four recently inaugurated Commissioners, urging them to embrace their roles as servants of the people and prioritize the well-being of Edo citizens above personal interests. The governor’s charge was conveyed during the swearing-in ceremony of the commissioners at the New Festival Hall in the Government House, Benin City, the capital of Edo State.

Governor Obaseki emphasized the true essence of public office, highlighting that it’s not an avenue for monetary gain but a platform to diligently serve the public. He shared his conviction that the new appointees, despite their previous criticisms of his administration, would contribute their diverse experiences to ensure the successful completion of his governance tenure.

“In making these appointments a few weeks ago, I encountered criticism due to my selection of individuals who had openly critiqued my administration. However, I firmly believed that their constructive critiques from an external standpoint would enable them to contribute positively to our team’s decision-making process. With their appointment, their insights will now enrich our internal discussions, ultimately leading to a successful conclusion of our tenure,” Obaseki noted.

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He continued, “Your experience and political prowess make you invaluable additions to our team. Your qualifications were meticulously evaluated, and I am confident that each of you possesses the necessary attributes to serve alongside us as we steer our administration towards a strong finish.”

Addressing the newly sworn-in commissioners, Governor Obaseki reminded them of their sworn oath, urging them to reflect on its significance. “Your primary obligation is to our citizens. Public service is not a pathway to personal enrichment; it’s a dedicated commitment to serve. When questioned about your accomplishments in office, remember that your mission is to serve the people, not to further your own interests.”

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Governor Obaseki highlighted his administration’s accomplishments while underscoring the importance of their collaborative efforts. “Our achievements have been substantial, yet we have not loudly proclaimed them. With your involvement, we hope to clarify the strides we’ve made, explain the rationale behind our decisions, and illuminate the path we’ve taken to rebuild Edo. Our focus has always been the welfare of our people, and through initiatives such as bolstering education and enhancing public services, we aim to empower our citizens.”

As Edo State’s newest commissioners take on their roles, Governor Obaseki’s words underscore the essence of selfless public service and the pivotal role they play in shaping the state’s future.

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