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Guinness World Records Receives 1,500 Applications from Nigerians in Just Two Months

Following the surge in attempts to break world records, the Guinness World Records has revealed that they have received about 1,500 applications from Nigerians alone.

This is coming on the tail of chef Hilda Baci’s successful attempt at breaking the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

Having racked up the achievement, some Nigerians since jumped on the trend with various record attempts.

“The attention and excitement that Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon gained was certainly an incentive for many Nigerians to consider attempting a Guinness World Records title.

“Since her record attempt, there has y you been a spike in applications from Nigeria, particularly for marathon records.

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“We have received over 1,500 record applications from Nigeria since the start of May,” GWR was quoted as reported by

Hilda, in May, hit stardom after her successful attempt cooking for 100 hours to beat the 87 hours 45 minutes record previously set by Lata Tondon, the Indian chef, in 2019.

The Akwa-Ibom born chef was certified by the British reference book in June but with a time of 93 hours 11 minutes having critically found some lapses during the attempt. Kiss-a-thon, massaging, lecturing, praise and worship, crying marathon to ‘sex-a-thon attempts.

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