Sunday, May 29, 2022

Has Soludo Made A False Start By Setting-Up An 80 Member Transition Committee?


When the average person questions a Professor about a decision he has made, the Professor is likely to look down on the person & say: “you will not understand why I made this decision because…intellectuals make intellectual decisions”.

This is pure tautology.

The best management advice is to: ‘make it simple’.

If this is about the best management advice why is Professor Soludo not making it simple?

Therefore, while accolades have been pouring on Pro. for setting-up an 80-Member Transition Committee. I beg to differ.

*Is the 80-Member Transitional Committee, largely made up of academicians & technocrats, aimed at impressing or intimidation Ndi- Anambra?

*Is an 80-member Transition Committee not just too much for an incoming state administration?

*Whether it is a 20-Member or 40-Member Transitional Committee, the truth is that no administration can solve all the problems of a state in 4-years (even 8-year), so why 80-members?

*How do you cordinate an 80-Member Transitional Committee? Will they ever seat in the same conference room together & can each of them all speak at a given seating?

*What about the cost to the state of having an 80-member Transitional Committee with most members not residing in the state?

*The entire ministries & agencies of a state government is not up to eighty. So, why have an 80-Member transition committee?

*Since civil servants are likely to be in charge of implementing the policies formulated by this committee why are they not widely represented in the composition of the committee?

*Where is the Prof’s area of focus or priority. Does he need the finding of the Transition Committee before he states his priority?

*An incoming administration must have key areas that it must jumpstart when it comes into office, hopefully when these areas are jump-started they will help revive other sectors

*Constituting an 80-Member Transitional Committee might mean that Prof. did not think hard & through about the challenges facing the state.

*Constituting an 80-Member Transition Committee might mean that Prof. is not only going  to be too cautious, but his pace will be bugged down by overt emphasis on data gathering.

*Some of this so called technocrats & intellectuals underperformed in their past assignment, while other did not leave lasting impact in their previous job.

*Some academic doctors are like parasites they are far too interested in gathering materials for their next academic paper than they are willing to give useful advice.

*It is unfortunate that for a state that has the highest number of businessmen & industrialist in Nigeria no notable businessman is a member of Prof’s transition committee.

*This is unacceptable because it is these businessmen that will build new industries, create more jobs, increase the state’s IGR & collaborate with the state government on possible PPI projects.

*Pro. does not have a street smart, gritty & from grass-to-grace businessman like Innocent Chukwuma in his Committee. Yet, to achieve his goal of turning Anambra to Taiwan of African, Prof. needs more Chukwumas than he needs academicians.

The truth is that without visionaries, dreamers & doers no amount of thinkering by technocrats can take a state to lofty height.

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