Saturday, May 21, 2022

How 200-Level Student Built Fast-Growing photography Business with N15, 000 Start-Up Capital


Running a successful business in Nigeria is no walk in the park; it is not for the faint-hearted. The challenges are humongous, the roads to success littered with losses and struggles. However, against all odds,


some are making things happen in the business sector And year student whose name is Joe Paul hails from Kaduna state and is currently running a photography business and schooling at the same time


according to an interactive speech with him he said what really motivated him into the business was due to the fact he sees himself as


an adult and he doesn’t really derive joy in letting his parent do almost everything for him so during the lockdown period he thought and found out that it is better he starts up a business that will help reduce


the rate at which he asks of something from his parents and so he ventured into photography and today he is good and earning a lot from the business.


According to him: he said he is urging and encouraging the youth out there that it is never late to start up anything so as to earn the living, he said anything you are doing try to build your best in it and make sure you are the best in that thing. He further


said what really helped him was YouTube where he goes and watch tutorials then he bought a laptop and he uses his phone to snap then edit it with the system using Photoshop and the work do look nice and that was what really motivated him into the business.

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