It was late in the night at about 11:59pm Nigeria time, mayowa just finished discussing with his baby girl living in Indonesia(There is no single day they don’t talk).

Meanwhile Mayowa is known for jumping from one lady to another while keeping his Indonesia baby girl as the future wife. He doesn’t know that you can’t eat your cake and have it at the same time.

At exactly 12am, Chimela knocked at the gate of Mayowa’s house. Who is that person knocking at my gate by this time? Mayowa went to check and discovered it was Chimela holding her box.

Baby I miss you, Chimela excited seeing Mayowa.

Why didn’t you tell me that you are coming to Lagos unannounced? Mayowa wasn’t happy at all because he already planned to bring in Hadiza tomorrow for the weekend.

Chimela quickly dropped her box and entered the bathroom to cool her temperature and get set for an awesome night with Mayowa.

If you see free fish, you grab it before another person takes it. This was Mayowa’s quote but unknown to him, the free fish is about to stay put in his throat and probably cause him excruciating pain.

That night was on gear any number for Mayowa and Chimela.

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The next morning while Chimela was planning on how to continue from where she and Mayowa stopped, her phone started ringing.

She quickly took the phone to the toilet to answer it. Abu why are you calling me this morning? I told you to stop calling me after that night we had fun.

Chimela there is a problem.

What is it? Chimela asked?

Abu continued, I went to the hospital because I wasn’t feeling too well and after the tests were carried out, it came out HIV positive.

And the doctor said anyone I had sex with during the week is responsible for making me have HIV. Chimela what did I do to deserve this punishment?

Chimela ended the call shivering. She can recall a sugar Daddy that gave her 5 million naira for just 20 minutes enjoyment. It baffled her why that amount of money for a short period?

It also occurred to her during that period that the man was having a hot temperature and also taking a drink not popular.

These were pointers but money blinded her from seeing the obvious.

Chimela where are you? Mayowa is asking?

There is fire on the mountain Mayowa we are HIV positive?

Mayowa is a representation of people putting their hands in different things and wanting to get rewards from all of them at once.


Today you are doing mini importation, tomorrow it is forex trading, next tomorrow it is coaching on how to make money.

How long will you keep jumping from one thing to another? You learn different skills that are not related to your journey.

In 2021, if you don’t want to experience HIV AIDS ( consequences for doing many things and getting no results) then FOCUS on that which is relevant to your journey and become a master at it.

For Mayowa, he later discovered he didn’t have HIV AIDS but it made him cut off from all ladies and focused on his Indonesia baby girl.

2021 is a time to FOCUS on what is relevant.

FOCUS on one skill and become a master at it.

FOCUS on few goals in 2021 and accomplish them.

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