Saturday, May 21, 2022

How Policemen Slapped Me For Not Giving Them Money – EBSU Student Cries Out!


The police harassment in ebonyi state is too much I was a victim today!!!!

I was coming back from cas campus this afternoon.(under this hot sun)😢😢😢😢😢
Then a police van stopped in front of me,
Then the police officers at the back of the van came towards me and asked me to search myself, I did exactly as I was instructed …
And they did not see anything!!
Then one of them was lucky, he collected my phone.
And asked me to unlocked my phone, I opened it.
Then they searched my Whatsapp ( he typed clients on the search botton) my Facebook (they read my messages) checked my Instagram and my gallery…. but they did not see anything!!
They search my sms and check my account balance, they checked my trustwallets, opay app(they saw N10,000 ) kucoin, Hotbits and other crypto related apps but they could not operate it because they are pure illiterates.
Invading my privacy.

When they are done searching I then ask them , if I should start going…. the next thing that landed my face was slap😢😢😢😢
Under the heavy sun!!!

I wasn’t with any contraband,
I wasn’t in an unwanted Area, I was well dressed, I was not on dread …. you searched me and you didn’t see anything. Why hold me hostage… I have exam tomorrow please free me. He slapped me again and one of them told me to bail myself or I will regret coming to this life.

I told them I don’t have any money, and one of the police men said he saw N10,000 on my opay account.
I told them I can never give them that money, that the money is for my feeding..
But they insisted and started dragging me inside the van.
I was strong enough to overpower them, I was totutured.
When they discovered people are already coming to the scenario the oga at the front sit signal to the boys and they drove off!!!
I haven’t experienced such in my life, even without evidence and without me doing nothing the Nigeria police still want to scam me.
Where is Nigeria heading to?

I was well dressed, no tattoo, no expensive watch or phone with me … but I was harassed

Agbom Benjamin(SUG PRESIDENT)
Please I will be happy if you go to the State CID, and tell the OC, Ak , DPO, CPO

To coordinate their boys , because they are theives hiding under police uniform.
God will continue to punish them, they will die a shameful death , their children will not go far in life😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

I have my final exams by 8am tomorrow, but I am in pains now.

Credit : Ogah Nkem Daniel

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