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How Umuleri Armed Youth Invade Nsugbe Community, Kill Two, Raze Shops, Properties

Nsugbe Killings Saga: Demystifying Falsehood and Propaganda By Chuka Amakom

When the usually quiet town of Nsugbe woke up on Wednesday the 22nd of November 2023, no one would have guessed that a supposedly unremarkable Wednesday like any other, would be painted black by human callousness, sheer wickedness, and unprovoked, needless loss of lives and properties, fueled by greed, bloodthirstiness and an unbridled desire to claim what belongs to another . The day before this black Wednesday, a series of seemingly innocent events were put in motion, but no one could have known that they would lead to the events that took place thereafter.

On the 21st of November 2023, some police officers numbering about 7 persons from Abuja visited Enugwu in Nsugbe. They came to take possession of their land which had been gazetted since 2012. They came with a sign post bearing the inscription ‘Proposed site for MOPOL 54 Nsugbe, Anambra East LGA, Anambra State’.

The next day which was 22nd November, 2023 the indigenes of Enugwu Nsugbe led the officers to Ochichapiliti Layout. The approval for the layout was first sought in 2008 through the Commissioner for lands and town planning which was carried in Daily Independent Newspaper, 27 November. The publication sought to find out if anyone had any objection to this layout. Subsequently in the absence of any objection the commissioner gave approval in 2009.

Thus on 10 August 2009, Anambra State Director of Town Planning wrote to government printers telling them to gazette the approval order which was done in gazette No 4, Vol. 19 of 13th August 2009 on page B 7, Part B, ASLN, No 2. By November 3, 2009 the General Manager ASUBEB wrote to Enugwu Community about the approval order and desire to express execution.

To this effect the Executive Governor, His Excellency Governor Peter Obi issued a public notice of a revocation of Enugwu community rights of occupancy on Plots 8 – 11 in a public notice dated 29th June 2012. On 21st June 2015, the Anambra State Commissioner for lands and town planning wrote to the Commissioner of Police informing him of the acquired plots and requested him to take possession.

So, on November 21st, 2023, after placing the sign on the ground, the Enugwu Nsugbe people left to go about their lawful duties. Approximately 30 minutes later, Umuleri community without any provocation, drove into a relaxed Nsugbe shooting sporadically into the air. They went ahead to damage properties, loot, burn shops, and destroying commercial wares. On hearing this, two young men unsuspecting that these hoodlums had set an ambush drove to the scene, and had their lives summarily snuffed out. The two men were Mr Chukwurah Nweze, an only son and a father of two, and Mr Chigozie Anyansi a young bachelor. A security personnel coming behind them was fired upon but he was able to repel these brigands. The corpses were later moved by the men of the Nigerian Police, 3-3 station, and deposited in the mortuary. The Umuleri murderers made away with two motorcycles, a VGA Pump Action weapon, and cellular phones belonging to the late Chigozie. Eye witnesses were able to identify the following miscreants;

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1. Nzedigwe Mmuodilim aka Actor

2. Onuorah Mmuodilim aka DPO

3. Chibuzor Ekwemmuo

4. Onyekwe

5. Ikechukwu Aghaebe

6. Nonso smokie

7. Tochukwu Eneme

8. Ifeanyi, AKA Labister

Prior to this senseless waste of life and damage of properties, the Umuleri community circulated false narratives on social media, painted the Nsugbe people in bad light. This suggests that the attack and subsequent murder of these Nsugbe youths was a premeditated action, and one carried out in cold blood.

Whilst their corpses were still warm Umuleri community went ahead to erect a sign post to serve as boundary demarcation. Two questions therefore arise and they are who gave Umuleri community the right to kill anyone they disagree with and who gave Umuleri community the right to demarcate a border the way they feel?

In the aftermath of this senseless and devastating act that claimed the lives of these two promising young men in our community, we find ourselves struggling not only with the profound sorrow of their untimely departure, but also with an unyielding demand for justice. The tragic loss of these young lives serves as a harsh reminder of the urgent need to hold accountable those responsible for the senseless violence that has scarred our community.

In demanding justice for Chukwurah Nweze and Prince Gozie Anyansi, whose futures were tragically cut short—we advocate not just for them but for the very fabric of our community, torn apart by a violence that has tarried for so long a time, unchecked.

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Critically, justice is a moral imperative. It is a declaration that the lives of these patriotic Nsugbe youths held value beyond measure, and their deaths demand a thorough investigation into the circumstances that led to this tragedy. Our community stands united in demanding transparency and accountability from those responsible for the loss of these promising souls.

The pursuit of justice is not an act of revenge but a commitment to preventing future tragedies. By holding those accountable for their actions. It will also send a powerful message that our the government will not tolerate any senseless loss of life. This demand for justice is a call to break the cycle of violence that threatens the very foundation of our shared existence.

Furthermore, justice serves as a healing balm for the wounds inflicted upon the Nsugbe community. The families and friends of the Anyansi and Chukwurah deserve closure, a reassurance that their loved ones did not perish in vain. Only through a fair and impartial investigation can we hope to rebuild the trust shattered by this unfortunate incident and work towards fostering a safer, more harmonious environment for everyone.

In our collective call for justice, the Nsugbe community does not forget the larger implications of this tragedy. The loss of Chukwurah Nweze and Gozie Anyansi is not an isolated incident, but a symptom of deeper rot that require attention. It is an opportunity for the government and our communities to address underlying tensions between the Umuleri and Nsugbe community and forge a path towards lasting peace.

As we mourn the lives of these fallen Nsugbe heroes, our grief fuel our determination to seek justice relentlessly and legally. It is a commitment to ensuring that their memory becomes a catalyst for positive change rather than a symbol of despair. Together, as a united community, we can demand accountability, reconciliation, and a guarantee for a future where the potential of every youth is nurtured and not extinguished.

In this pursuit of justice, our voices rise as one, resonating with the shared resolve to honor the lives of Nweze and Gozie, and to safeguard the well-being of our community.

The above statement was made and written by Chuka Amakom, the PRO of Nsugbe Concerned Citizens.

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