Monday, May 16, 2022

‘I Caught Her! My Girlfriend Left My House To Go Have S@x With Another Man’


Hello IgbereTV, I am tired of the kind of girls that I date. She was in my house for 2 weeks. She is good in washing, cooking and the oza room.
Some weeks ago, she went to submit an application letter,she came to my shop to tell me how her day went. I was sitting with her when someone called me to come pick something downstairs. On rushing back upstairs, I noticed she was exchanging numbers with a male customer. I got home and asked her to block the man. She did in my presence but when I left, she unblocked him.

There is this particular number that always calls her very early in the morning, she would not pick the call until I leave for work. I started suspecting her , so I had to scan her WhatsApp on my laptop. I found out that she has agreed to date a new guy while in my house, they were planning on how to go lodge in the hotel.when I read their chats, I stopped her from leaving on the said date . She rescheduled it with him.
I was at work when her messages entered my WhatsApp, she told me she will be leaving my house in the evening that she wants to go prepare for her new job. I knew what she was up to but I let her go. She got home that night and invited the new guy. They had s3x in her house.

I read all her chats with him, I invited her and told her what she did but she denied, she set her chat with the guy on a one hour disappearing message. I brought out my evidence and she couldn’t say a word.
I ask her to leave. She has gone to tell one of my friends to come plead with me to forgive her. I’m only pained because she thought am not technologically inclined.

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