Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I Don’t Believe The Ekweremmadus Committed Any Crime – Tai Emeka Obasi


For whatever it is, whatever the strength of political differences, or even personal animosity, don’t rejoice when your fellow being is in any form of adversity. The clearest sign of immaturity is rejoicing that your ‘enemy’ is in pains. Unless in times of real war or something very close.

Every progressive must be a fan of man. Humanity deserves so.

No matter how you hate Senator Ike Ekweremmadu or his family, you must know the emotional stress involved when one’s daughter has kidney problems. And to understand the extent of the stress, imagine both parents traveling together to the United Kingdom for the sake of trying to save dear daughter.

At this very politically busy period in the country, the senator could have allowed only the wife to travel for the planned transplant but he led the charge physically. He’s a great husband and father. Don’t take away that fact from a man undergoing emotional torture.

The only thing that baffles me in the whole episode is why the purported donor was not appropriately tested to ascertain the kidney match with the daughter’s before undergoing all the stress of procuring a passport, applying for visa and all travel expenses to land the boy in the UK. However, knowing that I can’t claim to be more intelligent than Sen Ekweremmadu or any member of his family, there must have been a good reason. More so, I am not a medical person and don’t have any professional knowledge in this particular area. So, I lack the authority to question that further.

Dear Nigerians, don’t write a further word against the senator and his household. Pray for a family in dire straits. Pray for a daughter in severe pains. Pray for a donor to be found fast so that the transplant will be successfully done. These are equally my own prayers.

If the donor, as reported, is truly playing smart by reducing his age and making such very strong allegations, it’s hugely unfortunate. I don’t blame the British authorities for swinging into prompt action. But I am very confident that they will find out the truth via investigations.

And I strongly don’t believe that the Ekweremmadus committed any crime. They’re only unfortunate to have their daughter in such condition that forces desperate measures. The rich also cry. But they also deserve our support when they do.


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