Monday, May 16, 2022

Ibu Like Cain A Man Under God’s Curse


Ifeanyi Ndulue is a man cursed for life and his steady destination is doom. The Bible mandated every youth to honour their parents as to live long on earth.

This mandate from the scripture is a Haram to Ibu goes around attracting multiple curses on himself and anybody around him.


1) He beat his mother all the time. This fool has the effrontery to raise his filthy hands on his own biological mother,an old woman.

His mother out of pain and broken heart cursed him. Ifeanyi a coward who runs away from fight outside home whenever he stirs up problems amongst his fellow youth will go home to start performing Anthony Joshua on the poor woman.

He only stopped when the entire village beat him thoroughly and threatened to deal with him severely if he tries that nonsense again. Mana the Alụ is already done.

2) He killed his immediate elder brother. His elder brother got to hear of how Ibu used to beat their mother and was rushing home to deal with him,unfortunately he had an accident and died. Again a double curse for Ibu.

3) He seized his late brother’s properties and chased the wife and children out. Ibu onye aburu onu immediately after the burial of his brother who died in accident because he was rushing to the village to deal with Ibu for beating their mother.

Ibu took the properties of the man and chased his family out. Today he has squandered all the proceeds from the brother’s things he sold and now feeds on doing dirty jobs for people such as media lies and sycophancy.

How his brother’s family feeds now nobody knows. Before the widow left,she and her children cried akwa nwaanyị ajadu and cursed Ibu. Till today that curse is following him and anybody that has any  business with him.

4) He stole Block Rosary Money Of St. John’s Catholic Church Enugwu Agidi. Ibu the Nwa Nmefu sometime ago was camouflaging as a repentant thief joined block rosary children and as a grown-up among them, he became their organizer but he stole their money after some time and escaped to Abuja wasted the money and sneak back to the village and was hiding.

Umu Mary cried and prayed against him. The Onye Ori ego umuazi is disorganized in everything and anything he does till date.

5) He Killed 5 Innocent Souls Opposite NASA Abagana And Ran Away. Ibu the failure has so much blood on his hands and should not have anything to do with any reasonable person or group.

He was heavily cursed by the late brother’s widow, with the curse following him anyhow. Ibu took somebody’s car that was for sale go and carry women after getting so high on alcohol he killed 5 persons in an avoidable accident and ran away.

He was later arrested before he could escape further, he stay many weeks in the cell,it was still this same Ebuka Onuorah that continued going to the police and settled the matter. But the curse is still following Ibu like MTN…anywhere you go!

6) He Deceived A Woman With Marriage And Stole Her Money. Ibu the notorious lazy man who doesn’t know how to make an honest living defrauded our sister from Iruobieli by promising her marriage.

Ibu was just jobless following area boys and constituting nuisance in Abuja,our sister agreed and even financed everything set Ibu up in business.

She eventually fell sick and Ibu squandered her business money and chase her out of the house move over to his current victim(his new wife). Our sister also cursed him

Ibu has never had any meaningful progress in his adult life because of the numerous curses on him and hates to see other youths succeed. Anybody that has any business with him ends up having bad luck.

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