Idemili North & South: Court to deliver judgment in a suit seeking Ike Cubana’s disqualification Nov. 15

Judgement will be entered on Tuesday, 15th November on the case between Hon Tony OneWeek Muonagor and Chief Ikenna Iyiegbu, Ike Cubana, the APGA candidate for Idemili north and south federal constituency.

Hon OneWeek approached the federal high court Awka challenging the outcome of the May 27, 2022, primary election of the party because the primary election was held at Awka, the state capital which contravenes section 84 of the electoral act 2022 and party guidelines of APGA for the primary election for 2023 general elections.

Section 84 subsection 5(c) states thus;

In the case of nominations to the position of a senatorial candidate, a member of the house of representatives and a member of a state house of assembly, the political party shall, where it stands to sponsor candidates; hold special congresses in the senatorial district, federal Constituency and the state assembly constituency respectively, with delegates voting for aspirants of their choice in designated centres on specified dates.

Having contravened this section, Hon OneWeek Muonagor approached the court for redress.

However, there was a twist at the court as Ike Cubana, the candidate of APGA lied under oath, falsely claiming that the primary election of APGA where he was nominated as the candidate of the party held at Idemili north LGA headquarters, Ogidi and not at King Davids hotel Awka.

The embattled APGA candidate was able to get few delegates including the current TC chairman of Idemili north, Hon Amaka Obi who also lied under oath and deposed an affidavit claiming that they were party delegates and that the primary election of APGA for Idemili north and south federal constituency took place at Ogidi the headquarters of Idemili north.

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INEC which monitored the election at King David’s hotel Awka was also procured to lie to the court that the primary election was held at Ogidi.

On the part of Hon Tony OneWeek, he filed his evidence to prove to the court that APGA contravened section 84 of the electoral act 2022 by holding the primary election at Awka.

OneWeek filed affidavits of some delegates who told the court that they were delegates to the primary election and that it was held at King David’s hotel Awka on May 27, 2021.

Apart from the delegates, other aspirants who participated in the APGA primary election for Idemili north and south federal Constituency like Uchenna Okonkwo and Ebo equally deposed court affidavits stating that the election took place at the King Davids hotel Awka.

Recall that on May 27, 2022, AIF Media reported the outcome of the primary election in which Ike Cubana was declared the winner at King David’s hotel Awka.

When AIF Media got a report that Hon OneWeek had gone to court to challenge the violation of section 84, of the electoral act, most of the APGA leaders and members who reacted to our publication claimed that the primary election was held at Awka due to insecurity in Ogidi and that was the reason for the change of venue.

It was when AIF Media reminded the supporters of APGA and Ike Cubana that PDP and APC held their primary election for Idemili north and south federal Constituency at Ogidi on the same date, May 27th, that they began to change the story and subsequently turned around to lie that the election took place at Ogidi and not Awka.

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Meanwhile, in a sequel to a petition from Hon OneWeek, the police stepped in and arrested some of those who lied under oath that the primary election was held at Ogidi.

While the police are yet to conclude their investigation, the court has concluded the hearing on the matter and will do tomorrow, Tuesday, November 15 deliver judgement.

Ndi Idemili especially the APGA delegates have crossed their fingers waiting to hear if the court will act like INEC which blatantly lied in their report that a primary election held at King David’s hotel Awka was held at Ogidi local govt headquarters.

This is how our politicians are destroying every institution in Nigeria. Nothing is sacred any longer. INEC should probe that report and those who wrote it. This is part of why we are now clamouring for a new Nigeria through Peter Obi’s presidential project.

The report is also an indication that INEC if not closely watched can compromise the 2023 general election and give it to the highest bidder.

AIF Media will be at the court tomorrow to give you the outcome of the judgement.

Source: AIF Media

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