Ifitedunu PG Crisis: Commissioner Tony Collins Nwabunwanne Fingers, Interest Revealed

In the midst of the ongoing crisis surrounding the President General’s leadership in Ifitedunu Community, startling new information has emerged, shedding light on the involvement of the Commissioner for Chieftaincy and Community Matters, Tony Collins Nwabunwanne.

According to a credible source who revealed during an exclusive interview with Daily News Reporters, Hon. Nwabunwanne’s interest in Ifitedunu lies in the construction of shops alongside the ousted President General, Mr. Uchenna Nwoye Oragwuncha, at Nkwo Market, Ifitedunu. The construction allegedly occurred without proper authorization, as the community was not consulted, and it seems to disregard the decisions made by the general assembly, which involves input from the component village chairmen.

The community has expressed their concerns, demanding a halt to the construction through a video obtained by Daily News Reporters, citing a lack of consent and proper community involvement in the decision-making process.

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What complicates the issue further is the alleged collaboration between Hon. Commissioner Nwabunwanne and the dismissed President General in building the shops to share subsequent profits. These allegations have deeply unsettled the Ifitedunu community, who expected the Commissioner, responsible for fostering peace and harmony, to prioritize the community’s best interests rather than contributing to division and strife.

The Daily News Reporters reached out to the commissioner, who denied the allegations and any involvement, stating that his only action was reinstating the sacked President General. He promised to provide further details as his legal team works on the petition from the Ifitedunu Village Chairmen.

The Ifitedunu Village Chairmen.

In an earlier publication, Chief Samuel Nweke, the former President General and current Chairman of Ifitedunu’s Board of Trustees accused Anambra State Commissioner for Chieftaincy & Community Matters, Hon. Tony Collins Nwabunwanne, of exacerbating unrest in the community. Chief Nweke stated that the Commissioner’s endorsement of a convict, Mr. Uchenna Nwoye Oragwuncha, for the President General position, despite community objections, has caused division in the community.

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Chief Samuel Nweke, the former President General and current Chairman of Ifitedunu’s Board of Trustees

Chief Nweke questions the Commissioner’s vested interest in Ifitedunu and highlights his inaction in resolving the crisis. The community seeks Governor Soludo’s intervention to address the situation and foster unity.

Mr. Uchenna Nwoye Oragwuncha (Isimmili)

As this crisis continues to unfold, the Ifitedunu community seeks answers and resolution, hoping for transparency and accountability in their leadership and a commitment to prioritize the collective well-being of the community above personal interests.

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