Monday, May 16, 2022

Igbo Can Never Be Slaves to Anyone in Nigeria – Amechi


Former aviation minister has vowed that Ndigbo can never be slaves to anyone in Nigeria, IgbereTV has learned.

He made this statement during an interview with BBC Igbo monitored by penchat news.

“Because their Anger concerning how the country is going made Ipob to start agitating for independent.

In other parts of the world, those asking to govern themselves are given plebescite let them vote to know if truly they wan independent.

Ipob is asking for referendum and the government is adamant to it and also not ready to give them their right as part of Nigerians.

You can’t beat a child and ask him not to cry.

Ndigbo should be strong and courageous this time. We are not going to fight with guns and bullets again because we are not prepared for now but this fight is the fight of the mind and using our God given brains to achieve our aims.

All these they’re doing, the south south doesn’t like it, the west are not in support and even the middle belts.

We asked them to come to table let’s reorganize ourselves concerning NIGERIA so that everyone will benefit from it but one set of people are against it. They don’t want others to be free in this country.

Instead of Ndigbo to become slaves to this people, it’s better we go home and become poor in our own land. Ndigbo can never be a slave to anyone in this country.

And if Nigeria continue with their attacks on Igbo people agitating for independent, a time will come when the hell will loose and people will have no option than to fight with their blood.

I don’t want Nigeria to break because I know the advantages of been a big nation.

What Nigeria needs now is to meet, make plans over how every region must have full access to their God given resources so that peace can reign.

But if one region continue to play Lord on others in Nigeria, a time will come when they can’t handle it again because he that holds what belongs to a child, time will come when he will bring down his hands and give it back to the child.

If he fails to give the child what becomes to him, God will do it himself and set his people free.

That is my last statement to you!.

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