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Ignatius Ajuru University of Education Implements Ban on Compulsory Textbook Sales by Lecturers

Ignatius Ajuru University of Education (IAUE) has taken a decisive step to eradicate the longstanding practice of lecturers obligating students to purchase textbooks for the sake of securing grades. Additionally, the university has issued a stern warning against the use of financial incentives to obtain favorable marks. In response, the institution has reactivated its anti-sorting committee to ensure the enforcement of these measures.

During an interactive session with students at the university’s main auditorium, Acting Vice-Chancellor Prof. Okechukwu Onuchuku emphasized the significance of these changes. Onuchuku stressed that lecturers must desist from coercing students into purchasing textbooks and other forms of extortion in exchange for academic performance.

Furthermore, the Vice-Chancellor called upon teaching staff to provide students with the necessary resources to understand the course materials, rather than relying on financial transactions. He urged lecturers to make available the sources of their teaching materials, thereby fostering a more transparent and equitable learning environment.

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Prof. Onuchuku urged students to actively report any instances of violations to him, emphasizing the importance of upholding academic integrity. He cautioned students against succumbing to undue pressure from lecturers, asserting that the primary goal of attending the university is to acquire knowledge and skills.

Addressing the issue, Prof. Onuchuku stated, “Anybody that forces you to buy textbooks or harasses you to pay money to pass an examination, report him to me. Your parents sent you here to study, do not allow it to waste.”

In addition to these academic matters, the Vice-Chancellor shared the institution’s plans to enhance the security of female students. IAUE intends to construct perimeter fences around all female hostels, aiming to bolster the safety and well-being of its student body.

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The university’s proactive stance in addressing these issues underscores its commitment to creating a fair and conducive learning environment for all students. By dismantling practices that compromise educational integrity and by enhancing campus security measures, IAUE is taking concrete steps to uphold its reputation as a center of excellence in education.

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