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Ike Dunukofia Dismisses Threats Against Gov Soludo, Calls for Removal of Ex-Convict as President General

Chief Vincent Udobi, also known as Ike Dunukofia, a prominent member of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) in Anambra State, has clarified that he did not make any threats towards Governor Soludo. He further addressed reports suggesting he advocated for the removal of the local government commissioner, refuting those claims and asserting he was misquoted.

Udobi underscored his loyalty as an APGA BOT member and highlighted his instrumental role in Governor Soludo’s election victory. He reassured that he has no intention of undermining a party he actively contributed to building.

He praised Governor Soludo’s performance and expressed confidence in the likelihood of the Governor securing a well-deserved second term in office.

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Udobi reiterated his efforts to oust Uchenna Nwoye, an ex-convict, from his position as Ifitedunu President General. He cited alleged wrongdoings and inappropriateness in the community, emphasizing that his campaign is rooted in a pursuit of justice rather than straining his ties with the Governor.

The APGA Chieftain clarified that his concerns are not aimed at Hon Collins Nwabunwanne, the Commissioner for local government. His goal is to represent his people ‘Ndi Ifitedunu’ who reject an ex-convict as their President General. This rejection is seen as a challenge to their dignity and constitutional values.

Udobi concluded by reiterating that removing Uchenna Nwoye as President General is the optimal solution for restoring peace to Ifitedunu. He emphasized that the community’s elders are actively engaged in rectifying the situation and will not remain passive observers of ongoing issues.

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