Ike Dunukofia Overwhelmed with Gratitude for Surprise Birthday Celebration

Ike Dunukofia

In a heartfelt message, High Chief Dr. Vincent Chiekezie Udobi, widely known as Ike Dunukofia, expressed his profound gratitude to the multitude of well-wishers who made his surprise birthday party an unforgettable event. Ike Dunukofia overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support, struggled to find adequate words to convey his appreciation.

The celebration, which took place in both Abuja and his village home, was a testament to the immense affection and respect people held for him. He was particularly moved by the lavish party organized by his dear brother and friend, Chief Izuchukwu Nwabueze, Ichie Chinemeze na Ukpo, at his village home. The event, sponsored by Ichie Chinemeze na Ukpo, left Chief Udobi and his wife brimming with happiness.

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Chief Udobi extended his gratitude to his family, friends, five village chairmen, well-wishers from Ifitedunu, and guests from various Dunukofia towns and beyond, including Deputy Chairman of Dunukofia LGA, Sir Chinedu Omeleke. He also acknowledged the support from his ICF Family, led by High Chief Sir Samuel Nweke, expressing deep appreciation for the honor bestowed upon him.

Despite the overwhelming emotions, Chief Udobi refrained from mentioning specific names, acknowledging the impossibility of individually recognizing everyone. He reiterated his heartfelt thanks to all attendees, assuring them of his enduring appreciation for their presence, time, and gifts.

The Chief Udobi’s message resonates with sincerity, reflecting the deep impact the celebration had on him and his loved ones. As he concluded his message, he invoked blessings upon all those who graced the occasion, expressing his profound gratitude once again.

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