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Inside Wema Bank’s IWD 2024: A Spectacle of Glamour and Charm

The Oriental Hotel in Lagos was aglow with elegance and radiance as Wema Bank hosted its remarkable International Women’s Day 2024 celebration. The hall exuded sophistication, enveloped in a warm and inviting ambiance created by the soft pink tones that filled the air with a sense of femininity and empowerment. Stepping into the venue, attendees were serenaded with music that helped ease them into the already comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

As they ventured further, their eyes were drawn to the breathtaking sight of the center stage, a grand display adorned with bold letters spelling out “SARA” and “WEMA” on the sides. But the stage transcended its role as a mere platform for speakers and performers; it became a symbol of hope and possibility with every speech and activity witnessed on it, igniting dreams of future success and achievement in the hearts of all who beheld it.

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As the event unfolded, attendees were treated to thrilling live performances. Veteran vocal powerhouse Yinka Davies rose to the occasion with patriotism as she sang the national anthem with such vigor and purity. But the show was just about getting started, as Ara Nigeria’s foremost female drummer raised the tempo in the room with a riveting, exciting, and energetic performance, accompanied by her dance crew, all dressed in native attire from the land of Ife.

As guests ventured through the venue, they were drawn into the enchanting SARA wonderland. From photo booths to interactive displays, Sara Wonderland offered an array of delights, each meticulously designed to evoke joy and wonder.

Among the highlights of Sara Wonderland was the 360-spin camera, a cutting-edge technology that captured stunning images of guests in motion. It proved to be a crowd favorite, with attendees eagerly lining up to strike a pose and capture the perfect shot. Other engaging setups included a pink-themed photo booth, a Barbie-inspired stand, SARA props for pictures, and Polaroid cameras for instant photos, allowing guests to unleash their creativity and express themselves freely.

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As the day unfolded, the hall buzzed with infectious energy, laughter, and conversation as women from all walks of life came together to celebrate their achievements, uplift one another, and have a blast, leaving with hearts brimming with inspiration and gratitude and carrying memories that would linger for a lifetime.

Wema Bank’s International Women’s Day 2024 celebration was an unequivocal success, a testament to the power of unity, solidarity, and feminine grace. Looking ahead, let us continue to champion inclusivity and empowerment, forging a world where every woman can shine brightly and realize her dreams.

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