IPOB Distances Itself from Simon Ekpa’s Activities, Urges Media Accuracy

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) issued a statement yesterday, urging media outlets and social media platforms to exercise caution and accuracy in their reporting concerning Simon Ekpa, the leader of Auto-Pilot and Biafra Government in Exile, who has been erroneously linked to IPoB’s activities.

IPoB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, expressed dissatisfaction with the undue association of Ekpa’s actions with IPoB, clarifying that Ekpa is not a registered member of their organization and his actions do not align with their principles.

The separatist group pointed out that it is aware of the attempts by agencies like the Department of State Services (DSS) to infiltrate and weaken IPoB from within. They accused Ekpa of being exploited by the Nigerian secret police to tarnish IPoB’s reputation by linking his violent and unlawful activities to the group, despite his own public statements denying any affiliation with IPoB.

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IPoB’s statement emphasized, “Simon Ekpa is not in any way registered with any unit of IPOB, neither is he connected to Eastern Security Network, ESN. His activities are not and will never be in tandem with those of IPoB. We have observed with dismay the deliberate moves of some media houses and social media platforms to attribute the violent and other activities of Simon Ekpa to the noble family of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB.”

Furthermore, IPoB condemned the continued references to Ekpa as a factional leader of their group, labeling such claims as misguided, ill-informed, or potentially aligned with the agenda of the DSS to destabilize the South East region.

The statement highlighted that Ekpa has often promoted his involvement with Auto-Pilot and Biafra Government in Exile, making it clear that he is not associated with IPoB or ESN, and cautioned against perpetuating the misconception.

IPoB concluded its appeal to media outlets by requesting accurate reporting and a cessation of any association of Simon Ekpa’s activities with their organization. The group remains committed to their cause and encouraged responsible journalism that reflects the truth.

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