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By Uloka Chuks

Senator Victor Umeh, a former National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance Party and one time Senator of the Federal Republic seems to be using the campaign for Nigeria President of Igbo extraction to resuscitate his declining political relevance in the country.

Talk about who has made the most noise about the clamor, Umeh leads the pack, on many TV interviews and publications, Umeh has continued his free publicity for the position of the President to be micro zoned to South East by all political parties, while same Umeh has on several occasions declined calls to vie for the Number one seat in the country since in his believe, it’s the turn of the Igbo man to preside as Nigeria’s President.

Umeh, as described by many pundits and analysts, is one of the very few Igbo men who claims to understand the politics and foundation of Nigeria and should present self to rescue Nigeria and fight for the Igbo course leading in the front, but the long read cap man seem to be making noise about the Presidency going to the Igbos.

His continuous rejection to answer the call of ndi-Igbo and vie for President instead of Senate makes him a Scoundrel rather than the Hero he desperately wants us to see in him.

The average Igbo man living in Nigeria today knows what our problems are, we need not anyone to constantly remind us of those problems as they will end up insulting our sensibility, instead, someone to get things done. If Umeh cares about the Igbos as he often claim, there’s No better time to prove that and let the people record his contribution to the many Igbo questions other than now.

We have had many people in the past who believes in a course and they are dressed up for the battle and not standing at the corner cubicle with Camera lights on them whilst they rant. No Arewa nor Oduduwa political leader who has risen to the position of Senator Umeh who would choose to remain a town crier at the market square when they can boldly take action and get that which is due to their people, unlike Umeh.

If Umeh is sincere with his call for the Presidency to be micro zoned to South East, he controls a major influence and stake in APGA and Nigerian politics already, Umeh can afford to lead a merger with other opposition parties and present self to lead Nigeria at this critical time, just like Tinubu and few northerners did with Buhari in 2015 to enthrone APC. But our Igbo leader wants his people to send him forth with life time Senatorial seat leaving the Igbo Presidency to fate and noise.

Senator Victor Umeh is more qualified than anyone else to be President of Nigeria, if he ignores the call to vie and lead in the front, then he is a betrayal to the Igbo course and question.

Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu proved his worth and mettle as Igbo leader in 2011, I had expected Umeh to follow the footpath of Dim Ojukwu rather than the attention seeking before the camera lights.

In the Igbo parlance, it’s said that “ịrụ dike na anyụ nma nkọ” Umeh is better described in such expression, he has more advantage than anyone else to be the Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.


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