Kingsley Emoh – the man who is plotting to set up Senator Ubanesse Igbeke exposed


By Nnamdi Aghadiuno, Abuja

A leopard does not change its spots and more so, criminals despite manipulating their ways into associations and communities of decent people, would in moments of a truism to their nature, think, behave and act like the criminals they are. And as the Bible confirms, there is time for everything on earth. There is time to be born and time to die and there is also time to lie and get away with the lie and time to lie and be caught in the lie and then exposed and disgraced.

This is now the pitiable situation of one Kingsley Emoh aka KC of Agbalagbo village in Nsugbe. Kingsley is the criminal that must kill others to stay alive. He must destroy good people to clear the way for his criminal enterprise. Kingsley Emoh is the Capone of criminals, urchins and hoodlums he uses to trample the innocent. He is a renegade who coerces youths to sell their souls to the devil on the promise of rotten porridge from his maggot-infested kitchen.

Kingsley Emoh aka KC is the devil’s incarnate who trades privileges for criminal conduct. In order to receive help from this low breed of humanity, one must join his league of criminal activists. The script you will have to act may include falsely accusing Emoh’s chosen targets of offences they know nothing about or giving dubious and false evidence against innocent people. To benefit from Emoh, one must do something criminal, outlandish or inglorious. This is if you are not already a criminal mentored by him or trained by his army of hoodlums led by Dillinger and Christian Nwabunwanne.


But as there is time to lie and be caught in the lie and to be exposed and disgraced, now is such time for Kingsley Emoh. His desperation to tighten his stranglehold of criminal endeavours in his native Nsugbe led him into self-delusion. He chose a victim too well known and too far beyond the criminal antics of a mere oil bunkerer, which is what Emoh primarily is. He told fantastic stories that could not stand the test of simple scrutiny. Like someone in self-destructs mode, he attempted to conspire with someone whose conscience unknown to him, was too pristine to be corrupted, not even by monetary inducements or threats of physical abuse and death.

Kingsley Emoh’s chosen victim in his current criminal expedition, which has now become his waterloo, is a two-time member of Nigeria’s National Assembly, Senator Ubanesse Igbeke. Igbeke, a former member of the House of Representatives and a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is a well-known public figure and statesman, who has contributed immensely to the development and progress of his hometown, Nsugbe, Anambra State and Nigeria at large.

The oil bunkering criminal invented a delusional story, an imbecilic and outrightly insane imagery of how the Distinguished Senator plotted to kidnap and assassinate him. His street intelligence did not educate him that his crude method of using corrupt police officers to harass and intimidate innocent people may not work against someone as exposed to the law and efficiency of democracy as Senator Ubanesse Igbeke.

As his time to be caught and exposed came he chose his kinsman, Valentine Anierobi, as the coconspirator, who would act the script of “confessing” that Sen. Igbeke hired him to kidnap and assassinate him (Emoh).

Mouthwatering promises that were made to the young man were rejected by him. As Emoh’s thugs quartered in his house could not convince the young man to implicate Sen. Igbeke, a desperate Emoh connived with officers of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), still operating illegally at Awkuzu and arrested the young man for conspiracy and attempt to kidnap and assassinate Emoh. This childish and laughable plot became full comedy when it got to SARS.

In a viral video police officers could be heard asking the young man who sent him to Emoh while the young man unable to face the camera said it was Ubanesse. When he was asked what the Senator sent him to go and do in Emoh’s house, he said he was asked to go and ask for money. As the poor comedy continued, the young man was asked what else he was asked to do and he said he was asked by the Senator to talk anyhow to Emoh if he failed to collect money from him. Another voice could be heard asking the young man if that was all he was asked to do and he answered yes.

Unable to persuade the young man to implicate the senator, Kingsley Emoh and his policemen resorted to intensive torture with which they dehumanised and brutalized the young man. The young man’s visit to Emoh’s house will shortly come under review for readers to understand why the young man believed it was insane for Emoh and his cohorts to coerce him to mention the Senator’s name. The more he refused the more he was tortured, dehumanized and brutalized. The torture continued until the young man was barely alive. It was at this point that he mentioned the Senator’s name in order to save his life and it was also at this point that Emoh fell into the pit he dug for the senator.

The convoluted criminal and his corrupt policemen were still celebrating their triumph when the elements that control the affairs of men intervened and the matter was taken over by the Zonal Police Command, Zone 13, Ukpo, where according to the young man, “policemen do police work the way it should be done”. Despite intrigues and subterfuge which shall soon be elaborated the young man was admitted to bail.

As soon as he went on bail and having reasonable fear that he may die from the consequences of the aggravated torture he was subjected to, the young man caused a video to be recorded as he detailed his journey as an invited guest to Kingsley Emoh’s house and his near-death experience at Awkuzu SARS, under the instigation of Emoh, Dillinger and Christian Nwabunwanne. Valentine Anierobi was thus saved from Kingsley Emoh’s inhumanity and Sen. Igbeke was saved from the trauma of indictment in offences that were mere setups to destroy him. The facts as revealed by Anierobi have proved that the entire fabrication to rope in the senator can now be likened to a story told by idiots, full of sound and fury, yet signifying nothing.

The facts also reveal Kingsley Emoh as just a contraption without a soul. The lies he concocted against the senator and the extent he was ready to go to rope in the senator into his treacherous perfidy can be equalled only by the devil himself. For a clearer and better understanding, let us take the sequence of events one after the other.

According to the Police letter of invitation to the senator, the Police were investigating allegations of threat to life, conspiracy, attempted kidnap and assassination. Sen. Igbeke was the accused, Kingsley Emoh was the accuser and the young man, Valentine Anierobi was the rope they had intended to use to tie the senator into the fabricated crimes.

The question begging for an answer is how did Anierobi get entangled in this evil web? According to Anierobi, Kingsley Emoh is his kinsman, as both of them are from the same village (Agbalagbo) in Nsugbe and had severally promised to empower him with some money to help himself.

So, on a fateful day, he got a call from Kingsley Emoh asking him to come over to his house. The young man was happy, that at last, after many failed promises, Emoh had decided to help him. And alone he set out to answer the invitation. However, the policemen at Emoh’s gate refused him entry and when the young man informed them that he was there at Emoh’s invitation, they insisted he called Emoh on phone. He did and Emoh ordered the policemen to let him through. Joyfully and hopefully with a swagger for a better tomorrow the young man sauntered into Emoh’s living room and his nightmare began.

It was in Emoh’s house that the young man understood the true purpose of his invitation. Another season of operation bring down Ubanesse was already on and the young man was to be enlisted in the operation. It was a gathering of well-known criminals, miscreants and shady characters and the agenda was stopping Ubanesse from continuing to meddle in their activities in Nsugbe. Ubanesse must be stopped by all means, so that the gathered renegades and Emoh, the king of renegades and godfather of miscreants shall begin their reign of terror without interruption from the Senator. Criminal masterminds were about to be elevated and Nsugbe was about to return to the state of nature where life was once short, nasty and brutish. Therefore, a proposal was made to Valentine Anierobi and it was for him to lie that the Distinguished Senator hired him to kidnap and assassinate Emoh. This despicable proposal came with the promise of a car, a house and a huge sum of money that would salvage him from hardship. As tempting as the offer was the young man turned it down and rejected the proposal outrightly.

The unexpected rejection triggered desperation from Emoh and his gang leaders, Dillinger and Christian Nwabunwanne. Valentine Anierobi was immediately tagged Ubanesse loyalist and was physically abused right inside Emoh’s house in a bid to coerce him into accepting their proposal. The young man stood his ground and refused to implicate an innocent man. Sensing they may not succeed in breaking the young man, Emoh and his gang affected their plan B, which was conniving with corrupt policemen to continue from where they stopped, to forcefully extract a false confession that would implicate Sen. Igbeke in the horrendous treachery. This was how Valentine Anierobi began his journey through Police hell and the dangerous and wicked extent Kingsley Emoh went just to destroy and silence forever.

While Anierobi was being dehumanized at Awkuzu SARS, Kingsley Emoh’s thugs-in-chief, Dillinger and Christian Nwabunwanne constantly visited him, offering him the lifeline of implicating Sen. Igbeke to save his life. As the young man refused and insisted that he was neither a kidnapper nor an assassin and that he was in Emoh’s house on that fateful day strictly on Emoh’s invitation, his torture and dehumanization continued with renewed vigour. When he was reminded that he would be killed and nothing would happen and when he saw their obvious determination to kill him, he did what every reasonable person in the situation he found himself would do. Helplessly he took Dillinger and Nwabunwanne’s lifeline and named Sen. Igbeke as the mastermind of the false accusations, just to get relief and save his life.

Even when he was moved to Zone 13 Ukpo, Dillinger and Nwabunwanne continued pestering him not to recant his false testimony, assuring him that the promises made to him which included a house, a car and a huge sum of money would be fulfilled by Kingsley Emoh. The bait was indeed fat but the young man refused to swallow.

Now the young man has gone on bail and has recorded his true confession, revealing what truly transpired between all the parties. There are salient talking points in his revelations.

First is that Sen. Igbeke did not send him to Emoh’s house. He was there on Emoh’s invitation and he was there unarmed.

Second is that on arrival at Emoh’s house on Emoh’s invitation, he was held hostage and forcefully made to participate in the skewed and unlawful plot to set up Ubanesse and tender false information to the police, to implicate an innocent person in non-existent crimes.

Third is that the promises of a car, a house and a huge sum of money were criminal inducements to extract false information and tender same to law enforcement agents with the intention to miscarry justice, impugn, malign and defame Sen. Igbeke’s integrity, reputation and good standing in the society.

Fourth is that the extreme torture and dehumanization of Valentine Anierobi constitute offences against the Nigerian Constitution, the Nigeria Police Act, the Geneva Convention and the African Charter on Human Rights.

Fifth is that taking Valentine Anierobi hostage, extracting false information from him with duress and tendering the same to the Police are premeditated plots to mislead the Police and expose them to public opprobrium, as well as subject Sen. Igbeke to harm, ridicule and malicious prosecution.

Finally, the principal actors in this horrendous treachery namely, Kingsley Emoh, the police officers that tortured the young man, Dillinger, Christian Nwabunwanne and others whose roles are yet undetermined should be diligently investigated and prosecuted when found culpable.

Kingsley Emoh is a well-known oil bunkerer and godfather of criminals, who boasts openly about having the police in his pockets and lives as if he is above the law. For over three years now he has been on his pet project of bringing down Ubanesse by whatever means. He was the brain behind the Berekete Family Television program, where attempts were made to hold Ubanesse responsible for criminal elements that were arrested in Nsugbe and handed over to the Police. By calling out the Senator over criminals taken into custody by the Police, he was deliberately inciting the people of Nsugbe against the police also. He is equally the brain behind the motley crowd of scraggy women who recently marched through the town asking the Senator to return criminals from the town that were arrested by the Police. Kingsley Emoh is the brain behind the rise and rise of criminals in Nsugbe and their lawlessness, announcing with impunity that he has police protection and would ensure the same protection for his rising army of renegades.

Ubanesse’s only offence against Kingsley Emoh and his gang is his solid stand against the activities of criminals in his native Nsugbe and his position that no arrested suspect would be extrajudicially killed but handed over to law enforcement agents so that people like Kingsley Emoh and his gang would not begin to kill their perceived enemies randomly without recourse to law.

For these noble efforts, Kingsley Emoh has undertaken to bring Ubanesse down or in the present circumstances, tuck him away in prison for fabricated offences.

We call upon the Inspector-General of Police to take note, that allowing Kingsley Emoh to hire mobs against Ubanesse for having the courage to stand up against criminals and encouraging his community to desist from extrajudicial killings of arrested suspects but to hand them over to the Police is tantamount to sabotaging police work and ridiculing the highly effective police partnership with communities in the bid to stem the rising wave of criminal conducts.

The IG should as a matter of urgency investigate conclusively Kingsley Emoh’s involvement in setting up Ubanesse for kidnap and assassination and also investigate the policemen that tortured and dehumanized Valentine Anierobi in the bid to extract false information that would be used to implicate the Senator.

This lowlife oil thief has for many years been on this perfidious plot to drag the Senator’s name in the mud and now he has upped his plan and had intended, not only to destroy the Senator’s hard-earned reputation but to send him to prison on trumped up accusations.

How can a lawful society allow this kind of scoundrel to continue posing threats to civil society and decent people? Is it not outrageous that the supposed victim of attempted kidnap and assassination was the same person that invited the supposed kidnapper and assassin to his house? Kingsley Emoh invited Valentine Anierobi to his house and turned around to accuse Senator Ubanesse of sending the same person to his house. At the time Emoh invited Anierobi to his house Ubanesse was not informed and did not know what business they had together and couldn’t also have cared. Why then did Emoh drag the Senator’s name into this?

It does not make sense and yet it makes a lot of sense. It does not make sense because Anierobi was in Emoh’s house at Emoh’s invitation and Ubanesse was not aware of this arrangement. Even when Anierobi was refused entry into Emoh’s house, he was asked to call Emoh. He called Emoh and Emoh gave express permission for him to come in without Ubanesse ‘s knowledge or consent. It does not make sense that the same person Emoh invited to his house would on the same day and in the course of the same visit be accused of being sent to Emoh’s house by Ubanesse to kidnap and assassinate him.

The fact of Anierobi being invited to Emoh’s house by Emoh himself has become incontrovertible because the Telecom provider has released the record of the call chart between Emoh and Anierobi and it has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that Emoh initiated Anierobi’s visit to his house and the record of their calls revealed no altercations or aggressive discussions but rather, a friendly chat between two kinsmen leading to Emoh’s invitation to the young man.

How on earth did Ubanesse come into the picture if not by a deliberate plot of Emoh to scandalize his name and frame him up as a kidnapper and assassin?

The entire scheme is horrifying and can only be conceived by an experienced killer who has become used to killing people in this manner. It is only as the Bible says, that there is time for everything. A time to lie and get away with the lie and a time to lie and be caught in the lie and be consequently exposed and disgraced. As someone whose secret evil acts have come to expose and disgrace, he went after Ubanesse to kill and to destroy but it does seem now that the hunter has become the hunted by the law and justice must take its full course in this matter.

But the whole fabrication by Emoh does make a lot of sense if it is understood that for more than three years, he has used every Media outlet known to him to drag the Distinguished Senator as a murderer, kidnapper and ritualist, even as his bogus and mindless accusations had not for once synchronized with available facts. So it makes sense when it is understood that Kingsley Emoh was only shopping for a crime with which to implicate Sen. Ubanesse to justify his previous lies, plots and defamation against the senator. The invitation of Anierobi as his guest and consequently holding the young man hostage and forcing him to name the senator as the mastermind of non-existent plots of kidnap and assassination were Emoh’s present plots to shop for befitting crimes that would not only destroy the Senator but consequently hound him off to prison to pave way for him to begin to reign as the king of criminals in Nsugbe.

Kingsley Emoh is a psychopathic killer, a dreadful sadist and a grave danger to humanity. Anyone who can come up with such a horrendous plot to frame a Distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for non-existent crimes of this magnitude is a dangerous and hardened criminal that society should be saved from.

Kingsley Emoh is a perfidious vermin and not just an enemy of humanity but also a cog in the wheels of effective police work in Nsugbe. Above all, together with his army of daredevil miscreants, he poses a serious threat to community policing and he is determined to continue to sabotage its effectiveness in Nsugbe.

Community policing should be the project of all law-abiding citizens and anyone found to be working against it is a public enemy and should be treated as one. The IG should investigate Kingsley Emoh and his gang to know where they stand and why they incite ignorant women against Ubanesse who partners with the police to keep his community crime free.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions and articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of Daily News Reporters.

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DISCLAIMER: Opinions and articles are solely the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the views of the publishers of Daily News Reporters.

ADVERT/PUBLICATION: Reach the right people at the right time with Daily News Reporters. Try and advertise any kind of your business to users online today. Kindly call or WhatsApp us for your advert or publication on +2348037097936


  1. Ubanesse can never stop mentioning my name as i am the origin of problem. In your heart, you know that you weren’t supposed to be doing this childish thing where you were supposed to be paying me homage for being your boss who made you to see the light that made you whom you are today. Is it a crime that I revealed or thought you how to make money while you were my driver without hope in life as at then. This crazy stuff of you must stop except you want me to bring out your dirty past and present to the public. Can’t you respect yourself?! Can’t imagine how a dirty lowlife like you ever get to have this political title of a senator. Which court assisted you in this because you can never win election. My candid advise is for you to either go and submit yourself to police where you are invited and explain yourself so that they will hear your own side of the story than playing dirty. I won’t warn you again except you want me to roll out all i know about you that are not pleasing to the ear


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